Traveler – chapter 5

After eating what seemed like a mountain of meat, I finally got to the bones of the monster. Honestly, I don’t know what it’s called, even after being eaten by it, and I don’t have any way of identifying it. Of course, after killing it, I did go and grab my satchel so I didn’t lose the map if anyone decided to search through my stuff, whether it is human or otherwise. Of course, I figured that everything would be fine nonetheless; this was just a concern of mine. That being said, I had a pile of meat, and a pile of bones, and I had no idea on what to do with it.

What I ended up doing was making my weapon into a giant container, because that was apparently a thing I can do with it. I guess it considered it to be a solid weapon, if you catch my meaning. I digress, after figuring out that it can turn into a box, I tossed in a small bone that would fit in it, closed it, and turned it back into a spear to see if I could pull it out later.

The oddest thing happened though, as when I changed it into a spear, it glowed white during the transition, which normally doesn’t happen, and then the spear looked better. The spearhead was actually flint, and the stick part of it was straighter. Now, the oddest part, was that instead of it feeling like an extension of myself, it started to feel like a part of my arm instead, so instead of a separate appendage like, say, a tail, it was more of my forearm. Of course, this was odd, and so I turned it back into the box. Now, the box was not only empty, but it was actually a lot nicer looking, and the box was actually bigger. Of course, after this, I began to throw bones and meat into the box to see if there would be any more changes.

About a half hour later, there was no change in the weapon unfortunately. I digress, I went to a nearby lake and I jumped into it to clean off the gunk that I had on myself, as I was beginning to stink. Now, at this point, I hadn’t tried diving underwater just yet, as they don’t have normal baths at the castle, just buckets to wash yourself off with, and towels to wipe yourself. Of course, it helped that there were two different towels per bath, one for washing, and the other for drying, but the problem with the whole thing is the fact that the water was always freezing. I could barely wash my sensitive areas with the water every time I bathed, and the buckets were wooden, so I wasn’t able to boil it. Of course, one or two times when I couldn’t stand that anymore, I just warped over to a place that had a free bath, and I used it.


Warm water is a godsend.


Where was I? Oh yes, the lake. So, as I was saying, I hadn’t had the opportunity to check out and see if I was able to breathe underwater yet, as it was a part of what I asked for, and I figured that this was a good place to test it. I found a good place and I decided to jump into the water all at once so as to avoid having the arduous journey of moving into the water over the space of an hour. Of course, later on, I fixed this problem, but I’ll get to that later. Anyways, after getting over the coldness of the water, I began to dive down in the lake, and tried to breathe in.

Now, what I wished for was the ability to breathe in any atmosphere that I warped to, but that didn’t apply to diving apparently, as the only thing that happened was a frantic clambering to the shore, and coughing and sputtering for a good five minutes. Making note to never try that again, I got up and began to pick up my belongings and prepared to go hunt so I could get revenge against that race of beasties for trying to make me their dinner.

Needless to say, the next few days were quite the experience. I began to learn how to sneak up on each of the different types of them, and their little quirks that they had. Some of them started to huff out steam when they got angry, or others began to attack recklessly when they were about dead, and holding on to a strand of hope. Of course, I made sure to fully crush those hopes, but that’s just out of pure spite for them.

I’ll tell you about one of my more notable hunts. It took place about three days out, and it was quite the experience. I was on the second to last pants that I had, and my shirts were all gone.  Thankfully, my body was the definition of muscular. It’s not body builder big, but it was full of lean muscle that had a bit of definition. That’s beside the point of course, but I do like to brag that I’ve maintained that body for over two thousand years.

Anyways, the monster that I was hunting looked like a T-Rex with longer arms, and spines down it’s back. It was able to shoot acid, and it would probably be suicide for any single person to try to attack it. Of course, I realized that the acid wasn’t as bad as the one that was in the first’s stomach, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, I began the fight by scouting it out and watching it move. I stayed downwind so it wouldn’t notice me, and I began to prepare. I changed the weapon from a gauntlet into a spear, and I prepared myself for the shock. I waited until it moved onto all 4 legs to eat before I decided that now would be the perfect time to begin the attack.

I warped directly above it, maybe about twenty yards, and I began to aim the spear so it would stab through the hide of this reptile. Well, I stabbed on its side, around a foot behind the arm, and my extra weight on the spear allowed it to easily pierce the skin. It of course, reared back with a loud roar, and began to try to shake me off. Unfortunately that was a useless action since I had long since released the spear. After it began to stare at me, I called back the spear, and it pulled itself free and flew immediately to my hand. The action of it pulling free caused the oversized lizard to roar again in pain. At this point he lowered his head at me and began to charge my way. I dove out of the way, and changed my spear into a long sword, ready to attack when it passes by again.

It skidded to a stop, with a cloud of dust being kicked up. Seeing a chance, I ran up behind it and swung at the back of its hind legs.  It didn’t cut them too deeply since the blade was quite dull (but not chipped anymore since it changed the first time), but it was enough to hurt it quite a bit. It tried to crush me with its tail by swinging it down, but I dove out of the way. Unfortunately for me, it swung its tail and smashed into me and the impact threw me into a nearby tree. The impact was so strong that the tree began to fall over; it was cracked in half. This made me glad that I couldn’t get hurt, as I would be dead otherwise. Unfortunately, at this point, though I couldn’t get injured, I did, however get stunned from the blow, and it took me a second to get up.

The beast roared again after seeing me lay on the ground still, seemingly in victory. I just smirked and called my weapon to me, its shoddy leather grip firmly in my hand. I immediately got up and prepared myself to continue this fight, since there was only one way I was going to let it go.

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