Traveler – Chapter 4

Now, when I say monster hunting, I don’t mean things like goblins or demons like that, I’m talking about the big beasties that are as big as a building at biggest, or about the size of a medium sized dog at smallest. These things were massive. We were given several flint stones and things of the like so our weapons didn’t get blunted. Well, in most groups, they had about four people together with a knight supervising them. There were about five of these, and then there was me. I was on my own since I was indestructible, and I figure that would be just fine with me. We took different shifts for going out and hunting since the monsters didn’t appear constantly, and since there were only about one or two big ones every day. That being said, I was thinking that having a mage would be nice since these things had attributes to deal with though the limited number of spells per rest is a problem.

That being said, I should explain something. Demons can control these monsters, and they can send them to attack towns and things of the like, but the demons themselves were strong enough to take down the biggest of the monsters with relative ease. Of course, the people I asked didn’t ever meet a demon, so they might not have the right idea about these “demons”, but I’m not going to judge. Anyways, as I was done with the walk, the knight stopped me, and handed me a map and a compass. On the map was a path marked on it, and a large circle that was where I was, and a square that was the city that we came from.

“I was told to go with you, but considering the fact that you don’t get hurt, and I’m just going to hold you back, I’ll just give you the map and compass.” The knight said. “I figure that you’ll be safer than I am out here, since you’re able to take a swim in lava and walk away without a burn. I’ll head back to town, and I’ll let the king know where you are. Make sure that you come back in a week, as we’ll have to send a search party for you after that.”

I just nodded and waved as he walked back the way we came. Calling my weapon from the sky, it landed nicely into the palm of my hand. I found out that I could summon my spear from anywhere when I was bored one day and tested how far my wish worked from. I learned that I couldn’t summon it from another dimension, but I could get it from as far away in the same plane of existence as I wanted.  That being said, I realized that I didn’t even need the compass if I was to be completely honest with myself, but considering that the king and the people I’ve sent back are the only people that know of my ability, I guess it makes sense that they would give me a compass. I took another look at the map and saw its crude design, and figured that it wasn’t professionally made. I flipped it over and saw text that basically told me to look at the map under the full moon. Now, this place is weird, as it has about two moons, but only one sun. I didn’t pay too much attention to them, but they seemed to be on complete opposite sides of the planet, and so I guess they had no problems with it otherwise.

I digress, the moon was a waxing gibbous, and would be a full moon in about 5 days, so I figured that after training for awhile, I would be able to check the message. So without any more waiting, I decided to go and search for my first big beastie.


Now, at this point, I knew that I was invincible, but still, when you’ve got something the size of a building chasing after you, you’re going to run the first time you see it. Needless to say, I ran for a good hour before coming to my senses and realizing, “oh wait, I can’t get hurt” and stopping in my tracks. That was a terrible Idea, because the monster lumbered over and ate me with one swift movement. It was a disgusting feeling going down that slimy throat, and the acid felt tingly on my feet. Thankfully, I dropped the pack that I had outside of the monster’s mouth before this predicament. Now, as I was being swallowed, don’t think I wasn’t fighting to get out, as I was pushing against the walls and things of the like. I even transformed my hand into a gauntlet with sharp talons (of course, it was a shoddy leather, with stone nails at the time) and tried to claw at it to no avail. Once I reached the stomach, however, was when my patience finally paid off. I was able to start stabbing through the walls of the stomach with the spear that I had, and somehow managed to pierce through it. Of course, as I was stabbing, I realized that I could have just warped out of there, but I figured that I would take care of this any way that I could. Of course, this stubbornness has got me through quite a few situations in my many years, with the exception of this one time, but that’s a story for another time.

So I stood there, spear in the hole, watching the stomach acid drain out through the hole that I stabbed, and I smirked, thinking that I had outsmarted the beastie. After a few minutes, the beast actually fell over and stopped breathing. Speaking of, being in the stomach of a giant monster was quite an… ‘interesting’ experience. I could hear the blood flowing and the lungs pumping, along with the vibrations of each of its steps. It made me lose balance, and so I ended up losing all of my clothes instead of just my pants and shoes. Not only that, but I should warn you that the stomach acid doesn’t taste good, and would not make for a good chaser. That being said, I almost forgot that my equipment used to not be indestructible as well as me. Well, that aside, I began to cut my way out of that beastie as best as I could.

By the time I got out, I was covered in blood, the monster was dead, and I was sure that I was going to eat this for the trouble that it caused me. Let me tell you, it was delicious.

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