Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 2

It’s been a month since my last post. I think I’ve finally lost her for now. I hitchhiked down to a different state, but I’m not going to say which for my own safety. I finally reached a point where I can somewhat feel safe in this spot, as she has literally been on my tail for most of it. I haven’t been sleeping much, and the little bits I do, I have to make sure that my surroundings are clear, and my sleeping bag is hidden. It was pretty easy to see her from a distance at the start of everything, but that’s before she discovered black hair dye. It actually suited her quite nicely, as it somehow made her eyes seem a bit more sparkly, and it suited her…

ANYWAYS, I digress. Since she dyed her hair, she’s bumped into me a few times, but I somehow managed to slip away from her on those occasions. I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I do know that it makes my life flash before my eyes when it happens. I will say that she is the only person able to scare me, and arouse me at the same exact time, but the fear boner aside, I think she’s getting better at finding me. She took an entire week to find me the first time, but since then, the time between encounters has been decreasing. Though, there was one time that a trucker had me captive, and she actually managed to save me from him, and almost kidnapped me herself. Somehow, I feel that I was safer with the trucker than with her.

It was at a truck stop that she managed to catch up. I don’t know how she managed to get to us, as we were driving for hours on end, but she did. The trucker decided to just put me into a box in the back of the truck with a bottle of water and a burrito, which was replaced at random intervals. The burritos were from various drive in taco stands, and the water was a generic brand that you can get anywhere, as they were both in varying quality each time I was given food. It was pretty rough, but when she caught up, I found out by the sounds of some scuffling outside the box, and a thud. Personally, I wasn’t sure what was happening, and I didn’t want it to hurt me. When she opened the box, however, my heart dropped to my feet, as she was covered in blood and sweat. After seeing me, she broke out into a huge grin and cried out my name.

After this was a blur, and I somehow managed to get away through some woods. Thank the heavens that I decided to be a boy scout earlier in life. After this, I began to gather up what money I could to get food and water, as I usually kept a 20 for emergencies in one of my shoes. The fact that I escaped her is surprising. I digress, I don’t think I can talk to my old friends anymore. The ones I talked to either stopped talking to me, or sold me out. I don’t know why they did it, I just know that they did, which made me have to run to another town. Which reminds me…

I received messages on the forum about how I was able to post my last message on here, and I realized that I haven’t explained everything fully. I had a spare computer in my room, with a monitor and everything. The thing is, I only used this for schoolwork as I don’t want my computer with all of my school work to crash and make me fail. College was expensive dammit!

Now, if I’m able to make it through this, I really hope to find the guy who posted that link and sock him a new one. That being said, I think I should get moving. You never know when your stalker will arrive, and I don’t want to end up getting myself caught again. I don’t know how long my luck will last, and the more time that passes, the crazier she gets. I just hope that I can live through this. I don’t care if my life goes back to normal afterwards, I just want to live lazily again. I miss having time to browse the web without a care, but as of right now, I have to either work or run away. That’s the only reason why I’m actually posting this. I needed a mental break from the tedium, and to give myself a moment to rest. Anyways, I’m going to run now.

Till the next time.

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Pig Rider – Chapter 5

Olive – the big man (basically, olive is anyone not important to the story)

Burnt orange – MC

Note, that a


A bucket of water was thrown over him after falling back to sleep while waiting for someone to appear, which caused him to awake with a jolt.

“Get some clothes on ya ninny” a gruff voice barked as a tunic, and then a pair of pants were thrown at his torso through the bars. “Ye been out for two days. I almost thought ye were dead.”

Shaking off the grogginess that came with the abrupt wake up call, he began to examine the clothes that were thrown. The tunic was a brown, earthy color, made of some rough material, and the same could be said of the pants.

“are yeh just gonna put them on, or are do yeh prefer just staring at them?” the big man asked with a smirk.

quickly scrambling to his feet, he quickly started to put on the pants, as the big man unlocked the door, and swung it open with an unnecessary flourish. 

“Thank you for the clothes” he managed to mutter out after clearing his throat.

“Don’t thank me yet sonny, you have a lot of explaining to do.” the large man says, almost boring holes through his skull with a piercing stare. “In the meantime, do yeh got a name?”

“I… don’t remember actually…” the man muttered to himself. 

“Ah… but do yeh remember the pig?” the large man asked, trying to dodge the topic, but only to burst out in a fit of laughter when he saw the other’s cramped grimace at the memory. “Well, I believe it’ll eventually come back to yeh after awhile.  in the meanwhile, c’mon. the captain has a to ask yeh a few questions.”

He only nodded and began to follow the large man down the corridor into the unknown

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Don’t pull her out – Chapter 1

I always wanted to be able to go into different worlds, and now that I’ve reached into one, I know that I messed up in the worst way. She’s just on the other side of this door, and I don’t know how long it’s going to keep her out.

It all started as a usual day. I sit alone in my room, reading manga and watching anime. I eventually finished up a series that I was watching at the time, which was a major disappointment. The characters and premise were going so well, but in the end, it became super rushed and all fell apart, causing me a major headache. I decided that I should look around online to rant about it, but, to my surprise, I found that it happened to be a visual novel.

Now, I’m not new to visual novels, as I’ve gone through my share of them. The big problem is the fact that I just haven’t got the interest span to deal with going through all of the storylines. I usually just look up a walkthrough to find the best endings and go on from there.

Anyways, back to the point, since I found out about the novel, I decided to read through it to satisfy my rage boner that the rushed ending of the anime caused. It’s kinda like how I prefer the abridged version of a certain anime as compared to the actual one. The premise was so good on the fi….

*WHAM!* Back on topic! Anyways, I found a web link to the download through a thread in a forum, and decided to get it. Of course, I wasn’t the most tech savvy, usually just relying on the usual freeware antivirus to save me in case of things happening. The download finished, and I booted up the program.

Now, what usually happens is that the computer’s antivirus stops programs from opening if they detect the possibility of a virus, but this didn’t happen with the novel, so I figured that I was alright. Anyways, I was going through the story, following along with the path I remembered from the anime I just watched.

Now, during the anime, my waifu was surrounded by a bunch of monsters, and was brutally killed before the protagonist was able to save her, which was a major turning point in the series, which happened about 4 episodes in. When I got to this point, I didn’t want to see her die again. After the scenario started, I just touched my computer screen as if that would somehow magically save her. Well, much to my surprise, my hand felt the screen bend in. Needless to say, this was not normal. It felt like my hand was sliding through some type of goo.

I have a CRT monitor, which, if you didn’t know, has a big piece of glass instead of anything fancy. The reason for this is because I bought everything myself, and my uncle a few years back was getting rid of the monitor, and I decided to grab it for safe keeping. That being said, the screen and the body were still in the same condition as when I got it, where the screen wasn’t cracked, and the outside was still that whitish-gray that all things seemed to be back in the day. I swear, could they have picked a wor-

*RATTLE RATTLE* Why are you hiding from Meeeee~ You know I’ll win our little game. Ohohoho…

EEEK- Back on point so you don’t mess up like I did. So after finding out that the screen was weird, I decided to do what any stupid white person would do:

I stuck in my hand.

Now, what was weird, was that I saw my hand on the screen. Now, when I say that it was on the screen, I mean that It was on the game picture, which blew my mind. At that point, thinking with my lower half, I decided to grab her, and save her from her fate.

Let me just say that I did not think of the repercussions of this act. I live with my parents still, and they didn’t let girls live in the house with me before marriage. Real classic people. I feel that they’d fit right in with the 19-

*BAM* *crack*

BACK ON TOPIC. I managed to pull her through the computer screen. When this happened, thankfully she wasn’t too hard to pull through, and she came out without much difficulty. What happened next, is that the screen shattered, and my computer started to spew out smoke, which caused me to freak out a bit.

My computer, my companion for nearly a decade had finally given up the ghost, and that monitor I had, shattered and did the same. It only smoked for about a minute, and there wasn’t a fire, but I did end up pushing her out of the way to look at my smoking machine. Of course, the downside, or upside (depends on your perspective) was that she fell onto my bed which is right next to my computer chair.

After a moment of looking at the computer, I realized what had happened, and I looked at my waifu that had now become real. I’m not going to lie, I was pumped at the prospect of her possibly living beside me as my real waifu.

“You don’t have to worry anymore. You’re perfectly safe now.” I said to her, as she was freaking out.  “There are no monsters or soldiers to worry about. You’re absolutely safe.”

At this point, I was hoping that my words would reach her, as it was originally a Japanese game that I was playing, but was translated to English by that guy in the forum. (Well, in hindsight, it may have been magic considering what had happened, but who am I to judge?)

She began to bawl into her hands, and I did what I instinctively thought to do. I hugged her, which may have been the start of my-

*WHAM* *CREEEEEK* (the door isn’t going to hold much longer…)

Anyways, after I held her for a bit, she calmed down, and I brought her into my kitchen to give her some water. All the while, she was amazed at the house that I had. The good news was that my parents were gone for a few days due to some medical problems, which meant that I didn’t have to explain how a girl with blue hair appeared in the house. I digress, I filled up a glass of water and passed it to her and sat beside her, making sure she was okay. After a few moments of her calming down, I explained what had happened just a few moments ago, unsure of how she would take the news.

After explaining that she wasn’t actually real, and that I saved her from getting killed, the light in her eyes died, and she looked shocked. At this point, I knew I goofed.

“You… you saved my life?” she managed to stammer out after a few moments of her visually trying to form words.

“Yeah. I couldn’t just stay here and see that happen to you. Not again.” I said, trying to cover up my mistakes and, well, trying to impress her.

She set down her glass and just stared into space for a while. I could tell that she was trying to understand everything and make sense of it. I just smiled kindly and waited. I figured that it was going to be hard for her to understand everything that is going on.

She immediately stood up and went to a nearby window, opening the curtain and staring in shock at the view that befell her. There were no forests, and the houses were of much better quality than the ones in the cities that she knew. I can assume that she saw that there were no monsters in sight, and that finally caused her to start laughing. It was a light chuckle first, but then it began to descend into madness.

Now, in the past, I’ve heard plenty of people mention that most humans have a fight or flight instinct. It’s where you stand your ground and fight on past whatever situation you’re in, or you run like mad. When she turned around, her eyes changed. I don’t know how they changed, but I just knew that they did. Fear charged through my system and I felt three words from my gut instinct.

“Run or else”

I was frozen in place, staring at that face she was making. Somehow she had broken somewhere in her head, and I didn’t know if anything would fix it. She turned her head towards me, stopped laughing, and just smiled sweetly at me, staring at me with the same eyes. It was like the eyes of a hunter affixed to their prey.

“I should repay you for saving me.” She said.

I don’t know what tone that was, as it didn’t sound like how she spoke earlier, let alone in the novel or anime. It sent chills down my spine and warning signals up to my brain, and the warning finally clicked.

At this point I bolted.

I went back upstairs again as fast as I could go, and barricaded my door so that I could think for a minute. I had no chance where I could discuss this with her, and if I didn’t run at this point, I knew that I was going to end up dying or seriously hurt.

I did what any normal person would do. I packed up my clothes, with the emergency stash of Raman I keep in my bag for emergencies. I decided to post this as a warning before I hop out my window, just be sure that, whatever you do, no matter the circumstances, you should never pull a character out of their story. Bad things wi-

*CRASH* ~found you. Tee hee…

Gotta go!

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Pig Rider – Chapter 4

Burnt Orange – Main Character


Awaking with a splitting headache is never fun. Neither is waking up in a jail cell. Unfortunately, this is exactly what had happened.

“What the hell happened” he muttered as he massaged his temples. He took a moment before his headache started to die down, but unfortunately all that pain was replaced with was a gnawing hunger that seemed almost unbearable, with what seemed like loud cries from a dying sea mammal echoing from his torso. His eyes immediately scanned the room to find anything that he could eat, to which his eyes almost instinctively found a platter on the ground with bread atop of it. Almost seeming like an animal, he leaped at the loaf and started to devour it with fervor. For the five seconds that it lasted, it tasted like ambrosia, but in reality it was quite stale. 

His hunger satisfied, he leaned back against a cell wall, and sighed deeply. He began to look around at his surroundings properly now that he was at least able to think about something other than filling his belly. It was a small room, about  two to two and a half meters in length, with a bucket in one corner and a pile of hay in another, both of which were away from the black metal bars that lined the far wall. The walls were made of stone, and seemed to be well maintained, which was strange in his opinion. Catching himself on that thought, he wondered why he thought it was strange, as it could be a hint of his past, but unfortunately that thought lead to nowhere.

Shaking his head, he stood up and walked over to the bars to take a look on the other side. it seemed that it only lead to a hallway, but as he put a hand on the bars to lean in to look down the hallways, he felt a jolt of electricity go through his hand. Pulling back his hand, he began to shake it out with a quick inhale at the pain. He made a mental note to not try that again, and that there may be other things in the prison to keep the prisoners.. “docile”. 

“Hello?” he called out with a hoarse, but timid voice.

He was completely unsure of what might happen if he shouted too loudly. He waited for a bit, but there was no response, and so he began to sit on the hay and see if anyone would eventually come, though he hoped they would come soon…

…he was quite thirsty…

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Pig Rider – Chapter 3

olive – Ted


In the meanwhile, Ted had been guarding this gate for about eight hours, and he was exhausted. Standing around in armor all day while under the sun’s heat will take all of your energy. He was staring off into space, wondering when the next shift would take over so he could go out and eat something and down some mead at Walberg’s, when he heard a strange sound. He readied his spear and narrowed his eyes, scanning the distance for what could be another monster attack on the town. What caught him off guard was not the squealing boar that came storming out of the woods as if it had been released from the deepest pits of Hell, but rather the naked man TIED to the boar, that apparently had a voice that wouldn’t lose to the boar. He was so shocked to see this, that he just stood there gawking at the sight…

…as it passed him into the town.

Snapping out of his shock, he realized that he just made a big mistake, and started to sprint after the boar while thinking, 

“I’m probably going to drink the tavern dry after this…”

He never intended to lead the boar into a town, but that just so happened to happen. All he knew is that unless this boar stopped soon, he was going to have more than just cuts and bruises to deal with. After moving down several streets, and causing hysteria in the villagers, the boar was now crashing through carts and stands to shake him off. The main problem wasn’t the villagers that were having to dive out of their way, nor was it the fact that his throat was sore from all the screaming that he was doing. The big problem is that the wood was breaking off the carts and was hitting him, giving him cuts and splinters in the worst possible places. Of course, this only made his screams increase their intensity, as he wasn’t just scared, he was also in quite a bit of pain from a splinter that just happened to enter his left butt cheek. The boar, which had been running nonstop suddenly slammed into something and came to an immediate halt. Unfortunately, this jolt was too much for the rider, and made the man black out. 

Thank you for reading so far, and if you could share this with others, I’d be much appreciative. Just remember to keep rolling the dice.


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Pig Rider – Chapter 2

After about five minutes, he missed the stones & pebbles that were along that road, as the forest was hell on his feet. Sticks were everywhere he stepped, as they were hidden by leaves and he was tired of them poking his foot. He had yet to find anything like berries, and all of the small animals ran away as soon as he was seen or heard. Of course, he kept on looking for something to eat, as there had to be at LEAST something out there, but even the trees were seemingly empty of anything edible. He even tried to gnaw at the bark to stave off the hunger, but that was a terrible decision, and only caused discomfort in his mouth.

Sighing inwardly at that memory, he looks forward to find a small clearing. Relief instantly flooded over him, as he was glad to finally escape out of the woods. Climbing onto a tree root, he looked out over the small field and notices a small boar grazing in the grasses. With his stomach constantly gnawing at his sanity, he looks at the pig, and back at his rope, and had an idea to solve his problem with hunger, and the nakedness that plagued him.

Two minutes later, he is sneaking up on the boar with the rope in hand, and tied to his waist. He had the sneaking suspicion that this will be a horrible idea, but the hunger had to be solved, and he had nothing to lose. Crouching behind the pig, (which somehow still hadn’t noticed him), he made sure the rope was tied tightly around his waist, before making a loop with the rest of the rope. With a swift movement, he jumped onto the boar and slips the rope over its head. 

Now, he was expecting the pig to buck and run around…

…he just wasn’t expecting it to bolt into the woods. The boar was dashing through the trees, bucking and squealing all the while, and crashing into as many trees as possible, all the while a naked man was screaming and unable to fall off due to the rope somehow getting caught on his arm, and getting tangled with the rope tied to his body, making it nearly impossible to come off.


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