James 7

“Halt” was the first thing that he heard from the guard in front of the city. “what’s an imperial guard doing away from his post”

James immediately regretted wearing that armor into the city, as it was obviously an imperial armor and sword on his waist. he wasn’t sure exactly how to explain it so as to make sure the guard would let him through, as he wasn’t sure how things really worked for the soldiers when they left for their homes. James decided to try and at least say something in order to make it through, and so he said, “well, I’m going home to see my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and managed to get some leave.”

The guard looked skeptical at this, and then stood back a little, so as to think about the situation before stating, “Well, normally, I’d question why you still have your armor, but considering the increase of monsters in the area, I guess they’re not going to just let you off without any protection. However, do you have your ID card on you? I can’t let you in without it.”

“Here.” James handed out the small card that they gave him about 2 days before he made his decision to leave.

The guard took it, examined its front and back, and held it to the sun. after doing so, he handed it back to James and said with a smile, “well, that settles that, go head in. Hopefully you find your family well enough.”

“Thanks” James replied before starting to walk through the gate. The city was bustling and noisy, with several merchants calling out for customers to try their wares. slowly making his way through the crowd, he began to look at the several shops that lined the road. They were written in the strange language of the world, but yet, he was able to understand it just fine somehow.

He walked over to the first inn he saw, figuring that getting a room would be the best way to start his journey. When he walked in and asked for a room, however, the receptionist stated that they were booked, even with the stables, and that he would need to try another inn. They were kind enough to point him towards another one on the other end of town. After thanking the receptionist, he left and began walking over based on the instructions that he was given.

James almost got lost along the way, as he missed a few turns and had to backtrack.

[It was almost like an electronics store on black friday…]

he reminisced, smirking to himself. After an hour of searching, he finally stumbled across the building he was looking for. He walked into the building and found that the place only had one or two people sitting at the 8 or 9 tables that were set up throughout the front, all which were made of a nice red wood, with chairs of the same material. there was a door on the far wall that more than likely was the kitchen, given the stairwell to his left. he walked up to the receptionist desk, and saw a sign that said, “ring the bell for service.”

[How quaint]

James smirked at that and rang the bell and waited whilst looking around the room. There was an old man drinking out of a tankard, the silver of the metal matching the long hair on his head. There was also a lean female with golden hair talking with him in a hushed tone, quiet enough that he couldn’t hear anything that they said. on the other end of the room, near the kitchen was a stout man, feasting with gusto on some type of meal. Other than those three, the room was empty and quiet. James picked up the bell and began to examine it, when an older woman appeared from behind a door on the other side of the reception desk saying, “sorry about the wait, we are a bit lacking on kitchen staff today. how can I help you?” James panicked slightly and fumbled the bell in his hands for a few seconds, before placing it back on the desk with a ding.

The woman only raised an eyebrow at the reaction, but said nothing else.

“ah yes, I was hoping that you had a vacancy here.” said James, “the other inn was filled to the brim, and the man at the front desk recommended this one to me.”

“Are you talking about Takeshi? Since he sent you, you must be at least somewhat decent with manners rather than the usual rabble that come by, as guards aren’t always the best with that. always so straightforward without thinking about what their words and actions do. You won’t disappoint my expectations, will you?” said the attendant

“N-no. I won’t.” James stumbled over his words, as he wasn’t expecting that she would start ranting about that.

“Good.” she said with a smirk in a tone that just oozed with self-satisfaction.

She dropped the smirk and said in a more serious tone, “we have plenty of rooms on the second and third floors, fourth floor is for staff only.” she paused, and gave him a once over, before continuing, “Given how you look, I’d say you’re more of a second floor type of person rather than a third floor.”

James was taken aback at this, as she wasn’t giving him a chance to speak at all. He tried to speak, “well yes, tha-”

She cut him off, “It’s 5 large coppers per night, how many nights are you staying?”

He smirked at how she mentioned manners, but yet had none for him. He replied, “I’ll be staying for two nights.” before taking a small silver coin out of his wallet and setting it on the desk in front of her.

She immediately grabbed the coin and placed a key in its place, before saying, “dinner is at sundown, and breakfast is an hour after sunrise. Those aren’t included in the cost for the room, and are an additional 5 small coppers.”

James nodded to this and took the key, noting his room number, before putting it into his wallet with the rest of his coins.

He thanked her, and began to head up the stairs to his room. He was wanting to rest a bit in an actual bed, thinking that he would find it easier to take care of shopping tomorrow.

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James 3.5

They took him to a strange crystal the day afterwards, one that was a milky white that had a kind of… aura? He wasn’t sure, but he figured that’d be a good way to put it. That aside, he noted that the room was almost made completely from what looked like marble. Elise soon walked in afterwards and began to explain, “This is a mana crystal. It’s used to awaken the mana and attributes that lie within you.”

“Mana? Magic? I don’t-” James said before getting cut off by a guardsman to his right. It was an older man in around his 40s.

“You’ll understand soon enough. Please place your hand against the crystal.” He said abruptly.

“Klaus, it’s quite rude to interrupt.” Elise snapped, cheeks puffed.

James sighed, and shook his head. This reminded him of when his friend and girlfriend were bickering. Pushing that aside, he walked up to the crystal and firmly placed his palm on the center of it. After doing so, he felt a warm feeling move through his body for a few seconds, before it faded. The crystal, on the other hand, didn’t do anything.

Unsure of what he should do, James kept his hand on the crystal, and turned his head to the two behind him.

“was that all I needed to do?” He asked

“But, it didn’t…” Elise began to say, but trailed off before she was able to say much. The look on her face was about as confused as it was concerned.

“Could it be?” The guard to her left, different than Klaus said.

“Aye lad. Looks like he’s going to be training with us here soon. Also, talk to me in my office when we get back.” Klaus said to that guard, slapping him on his shoulder with a threatening smile on his face. The nameless guard stiffened with a look of fear upon hearing this.

Hearing this, James was confused. “Can anyone explain what’s going on, or are you just going to leave me in the dark about what’s going on?” he questioned.

“Well lad, the crystal didn’t shine any other colors, so it means that you’re like the rest of us normal folks.” Klaus verbally jabbed.

“Well- it’s not the first time this has happened, but…” Elise muttered, still trapped in her own world.

“Oi, Lassie. You need to explain to ‘im about this. I already said everything I know about that.”

“Eh?” Elise snapped from her thoughtful stupor before explaining,”Oh yes, so the magic crystal would show up any number of colors to signify what magic attributes that you are able to use, however, as yours did not change, you must not be able to use any magicks. Most heroes have awoken one, or even all of them, but there has been one before that had the same result as you.”

“But I felt something warm enter my body when I touched the crystal…” said James, noticing that his palm was still firmly on the crystal’s surface. He then pulled it away and began massaging it with his other hand. “Was that mana?”

“Well, yes. all beings are able to use mana to do basic spells such as Cleansing and spark. Both of which are considered to be life magic, something everyone is able to do.” explained Elise with a kind voice. “We will be glad to teach you about these, but you will be put into practice with our knights under Klaus so that way you can train your body.”

James simply nodded in understanding. In his mind, cursing his luck, as things like this are always the case for him. He winced at the memories that came flooding into his mind, but quickly pushed them down and shook it off.

“Well, let’s get started shall we?” said James, who put on a fake smile to not worry the young priestess.

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