Traveler – Chapter 4

Now, when I say monster hunting, I don’t mean things like goblins or demons like that, I’m talking about the big beasties that are as big as a building at biggest, or about the size of a medium sized dog at smallest. These things were massive. We were given several flint stones and things of the like so our weapons didn’t get blunted. Well, in most groups, they had about four people together with a knight supervising them. There were about five of these, and then there was me. I was on my own since I was indestructible, and I figure that would be just fine with me. We took different shifts for going out and hunting since the monsters didn’t appear constantly, and since there were only about one or two big ones every day. That being said, I was thinking that having a mage would be nice since these things had attributes to deal with though the limited number of spells per rest is a problem.

That being said, I should explain something. Demons can control these monsters, and they can send them to attack towns and things of the like, but the demons themselves were strong enough to take down the biggest of the monsters with relative ease. Of course, the people I asked didn’t ever meet a demon, so they might not have the right idea about these “demons”, but I’m not going to judge. Anyways, as I was done with the walk, the knight stopped me, and handed me a map and a compass. On the map was a path marked on it, and a large circle that was where I was, and a square that was the city that we came from.

“I was told to go with you, but considering the fact that you don’t get hurt, and I’m just going to hold you back, I’ll just give you the map and compass.” The knight said. “I figure that you’ll be safer than I am out here, since you’re able to take a swim in lava and walk away without a burn. I’ll head back to town, and I’ll let the king know where you are. Make sure that you come back in a week, as we’ll have to send a search party for you after that.”

I just nodded and waved as he walked back the way we came. Calling my weapon from the sky, it landed nicely into the palm of my hand. I found out that I could summon my spear from anywhere when I was bored one day and tested how far my wish worked from. I learned that I couldn’t summon it from another dimension, but I could get it from as far away in the same plane of existence as I wanted.  That being said, I realized that I didn’t even need the compass if I was to be completely honest with myself, but considering that the king and the people I’ve sent back are the only people that know of my ability, I guess it makes sense that they would give me a compass. I took another look at the map and saw its crude design, and figured that it wasn’t professionally made. I flipped it over and saw text that basically told me to look at the map under the full moon. Now, this place is weird, as it has about two moons, but only one sun. I didn’t pay too much attention to them, but they seemed to be on complete opposite sides of the planet, and so I guess they had no problems with it otherwise.

I digress, the moon was a waxing gibbous, and would be a full moon in about 5 days, so I figured that after training for awhile, I would be able to check the message. So without any more waiting, I decided to go and search for my first big beastie.


Now, at this point, I knew that I was invincible, but still, when you’ve got something the size of a building chasing after you, you’re going to run the first time you see it. Needless to say, I ran for a good hour before coming to my senses and realizing, “oh wait, I can’t get hurt” and stopping in my tracks. That was a terrible Idea, because the monster lumbered over and ate me with one swift movement. It was a disgusting feeling going down that slimy throat, and the acid felt tingly on my feet. Thankfully, I dropped the pack that I had outside of the monster’s mouth before this predicament. Now, as I was being swallowed, don’t think I wasn’t fighting to get out, as I was pushing against the walls and things of the like. I even transformed my hand into a gauntlet with sharp talons (of course, it was a shoddy leather, with stone nails at the time) and tried to claw at it to no avail. Once I reached the stomach, however, was when my patience finally paid off. I was able to start stabbing through the walls of the stomach with the spear that I had, and somehow managed to pierce through it. Of course, as I was stabbing, I realized that I could have just warped out of there, but I figured that I would take care of this any way that I could. Of course, this stubbornness has got me through quite a few situations in my many years, with the exception of this one time, but that’s a story for another time.

So I stood there, spear in the hole, watching the stomach acid drain out through the hole that I stabbed, and I smirked, thinking that I had outsmarted the beastie. After a few minutes, the beast actually fell over and stopped breathing. Speaking of, being in the stomach of a giant monster was quite an… ‘interesting’ experience. I could hear the blood flowing and the lungs pumping, along with the vibrations of each of its steps. It made me lose balance, and so I ended up losing all of my clothes instead of just my pants and shoes. Not only that, but I should warn you that the stomach acid doesn’t taste good, and would not make for a good chaser. That being said, I almost forgot that my equipment used to not be indestructible as well as me. Well, that aside, I began to cut my way out of that beastie as best as I could.

By the time I got out, I was covered in blood, the monster was dead, and I was sure that I was going to eat this for the trouble that it caused me. Let me tell you, it was delicious.

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Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 6

Merry Christmas!


Thinking back on everything, I have no idea on how this whole thing started in the first place. I don’t have any idea how a girl like that would suddenly go crazy and try to kidnap me. Maybe it was running? Maybe it was me pulling her out and then the strange sense of relief caused something? Maybe it was the air? I don’t know, and I don’t think it could be explained to me anyways. From when I escaped from her, this question has been going through my mind more and more, and it makes less and less sense the more I think about it. It’s like, I find out more flaws for how everything has been going, and it just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe the entire thing is magic, and she has that to work with or something, but I don’t know. But that’s just my thoughts on it.

Recently I saw a family walking down the street. It was a mom, dad, and a kid…







They looked happy…






I miss my family…






I used to have dreams of having a family like that… but now? If I were to try to get that, I don’t know what will happen to me or the woman I was with, or if it was her, I don’t know how she would act.

I digress, what’s strange recently is that I haven’t been eating much. I used to never miss a meal, even while on the run, but now I’m barely eating anything. It was about a week after my last post that this started to happen, but I don’t think there’s any relation. I also probably look like hell, as my shopping trip has been postponed recently. I just feel really apathetic right now, as I’ve been running for so long…


I’m thinking about just giving up and giving in. I’m tired of running, and everywhere I go only can hide me for so long. It’s somehow this place that’s kept me hidden for about two weeks, which is the longest I’ve ever been without her coming close. Maybe she gave up? I can hope, but at the same time, I just don’t know the why, which is the scariest part of the entire thing.

Usually I am able to find some signal that she has come close, but recently I haven’t heard a peep. It’s kind of funny, as having no sign of her is almost more terrifying than having her one step behind me.

Well, that being said, I’m tired of living in abandoned buildings and in the forests. They always make it too easy to overheat or freeze in summer and winter respectively. I haven’t been able to shave for a long time, and it looks terrible on me. It’s really patchy and looks absolutely terrible, but it’s there to stay. I don’t have anywhere to get enough water to shave, let alone bathe, on a regular basis, and so I just leave it be and save the money for food.

I guess that I should answer a few more questions

QUESTION: Where have you lived?

Answer: The forest is a good place to hide from people if you know where to look for the hiding spots, and/or disguise your sleeping quarters. Abandoned buildings are also a good place to find. Just don’t be sleeping under a bridge, as that’s never a good idea. The wind keeps blowing constantly, and it makes life unbearable. I’m sure that there are much better spots to stay in, but that’s what I’ve found are the best for hiding.

QUESTION: What did you look like?

ANSWER: I looked like a good mix of Americans. Like, if you took the average American person, it would probably look like me. I’m extremely average. I used to have a bit of a gut, but considering that I’ve done nothing but work recently, I’m pretty much just skin and bone. Brown hair, brown eyes. The usual person you wouldn’t think twice about.

I just don’t know how much longer I can hold on for. I’m going to move again after posting this, and I don’t know if it’ll be the last. I just wish that I was able to understand why this happened to me of all people.

Till next time.

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Traveler – Chapter 3

So I went to the world, or I should say, tried to. The reason that I wasn’t able to is because of the barrier around it. What I didn’t realize was the fact that my traveling ability wasn’t all powerful (yet), so I appeared in the classic scene with other people getting summoned to another world. Honestly, it felt pretty weird since I didn’t see the main character standing there with me, and since there was about thirty people instead of just four others besides me. Needless to say, I realized my predicament. I heard the entire talk about the world being in trouble of the threat of some demons, and they summoned heroes to save them. It’s the usual thing that I’ve read and heard about a thousand times since, but at that point, I thought it was novel, and decided to help them out.

The first thing I learned was that I couldn’t use magic. Apparently the genie took the magical abilities that I should’ve had and transferred them over to my defense, so instead of being able to cast magic, I’m basically a human sized wall, which the captains that were told to train us learned very quickly. So, I talked to the magicians about it, and they said that I had a lot of magic power inside of me, but I couldn’t use it at all no matter how hard I tried. Since then, I’ve learned that using magic tires you out whether you want it to or not, and so my defense blocked it from use to protect me from using it, but it’s not like I need it in the first place.

I digress; it took about a week for me to give up on magic, and to start training in weapons. The good news is that I had all of the weapons that have existed, do exist, and will exist in the future. That being said, I decided to pick the spear to use, which looked pretty shoddy at the start. It honestly looked like a thick tree branch tied to a sharp rock. Not flint or anything, just a rock. I think it was a sharpened piece of gravel or something, but that wasn’t important. The knights offered to give me a better spear than this one, but I chose against it. I figured that I could trust in the weapon since it was my new partner that would stick to me until the time I died, if I did.

That aside, I worked my hind quarters off to learn what the knights taught me. It helped that I didn’t get tired, as I found out that I had an unlimited amount of stamina from my defense. The defense protected me from fatigue as well as actual damage, and so I guess that I worded it perfectly. Of course, that made me excited to test my limits on things. Fast forward to a month later, and I was an actual test dummy for the magic aiming of my pupils and it was pretty fun in my opinion. I could train my cardio, and they could work on their aim. At first they didn’t agree with it, as they were worried about my health, but eventually they agreed when I talked them into it. Of course, walking through the fields as they were casting large scale magic may have helped with that, but that’s beside the point. The main point is, I learned the current limits of my abilities and was able to slowly start to grow them.

It took about two months after becoming a training dummy before the training was complete for the entire group that actually had talent for things, the others I gave trips back to their homes in secret. Of course, this was there to just give myself some training on how to use my traveling power, and it was more or less successful. The first time I did it after coming to that world, it took me an hour to get back. Of course, I accidentally landed in a few places, and crashed through a few roofs as I was working through the kinks, but by the end of it all, I was fully able to use it to the limits of the current abilities.

I think the biggest help to me was the fact that I hadn’t needed to sleep since I got the ability, and didn’t need to sleep afterwards as well. Of course I could sleep if I wanted, but the last time I tried to that I slept for an actual week. Needless to say, I barred myself from sleeping after that unless I literally had to wait for something to happen. In any case, after learning how to use the spear, and using it for about an entire week straight, I’ve got all of the techniques down fully. Of course, after that, all of the excess fat was gone from my body, and I looked really good. I didn’t realize that I was doing it, and figured that I was going to be the same no matter how far I trained, but I guess not. It made me wonder how my defense worked, and that I would have to find out eventually.

That being said, after the training for the spear, I tried to get the training for the most weapons that I could, but wasn’t able to master anything else at the moment. Of course, the weapons all looked quite bad, as the sword that I used had chips all along the blade, and had a shoddy handle as well. The shield that I made turned into a wooden buckler that was splintered in several spots. I digress; I couldn’t do combos like spear and shield or sword and shield, or dual swords. I did like the feeling of the weapon, as it felt like an extension of my hands. It didn’t start that way, but the more I worked with it and swung it around, the more I understood it, and it began to feel right for me. This also applied to any other form that I made it change to for some reason. I guess that it just took a bit for it to resonate or something. Frankly, even now I still don’t understand it, but it is what it is.

That being said, after everyone was trained, we were lead to the forest in teams to do a bit of monster hunting.


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Don’t Let Her Out – Chapter 5

It’s been awhile, and I’ve done some soul searching recently. I actually went to church for the first time in forever, and it felt strange. I guess I would feel weird since I feel kind of like I’m encroaching on their territory or something like that. Well, the reason I even went is because I’ve been feeling depressed since it was Easter recently, and after seeing kids doing their egg hunts reminded me of my late family. We used to do that with a golden egg that had a dollar in it. I would always find it before my siblings did and it made me feel proud.

Anyways, I digress, Church had a pastor and one of those boxes that you can go into and confess your sins and whatnot, and I talked to the pastor about my situation. I’ve been going it alone for so long, and I don’t have anyone left. My friends are gone, whether dead or just ignoring me, I don’t know, and I’m not going to talk to anymore family. I don’t want to lose them either. Well, the talk with the pastor or preacher (I have no clue what he was) was nice, as it let me get a load off my chest and let me breathe for once. The preacher recommended going to the police, but considering what she did to the last station I went to, I don’t think that’s a good idea anymore. Of course, I didn’t mention that to him, but even so, it still helps a lot.

A short while afterwards, I left there and began walking again. There was a Thrift shop down the road, and my other clothes were beginning to look like rags. That being said, I’m glad that I’m actually able to get these, as it’s been nearly a month since my last shopping trip, and it’s been three since I escaped from her. Thinking back to that, I’m glad that she was such a heavy sleeper, as I’m sure I would still be stuck otherwise. I don’t know really what to do anymore. I can’t check my emails since they’re flooded with love letters from her, and occasionally I get the strange phone call from the burner that I pick up every so often. Needless to say, after those occasions, I toss the phone and move on afterwards.

I think that the only reason I’m alive still is because I’ve bought these books that tell me what I can eat and can’t eat in the wild, and it’s definitely given my ramen something more than just salt. Speaking of, I’m surprised that I’m not made of 90% salt as of now, since my diet consists of mostly noodles. Well, I guess that goes to show that I’m sturdier than I realize. The odd jobs that I’ve found have definitely helped with that.

Question Time! Since I’ve given the most of the update to my life then, I figure that I might as well give you the answers that you might want.

Question: How long were you captive for, and what did she do to you?

Answer: Frankly, I don’t know. The most I can say is probably a month or two. As for what she did, I’m not sure, but since I woke up with her lying beside me on a bed, she probably stole my virginity. We weren’t wearing clothes, but I wasn’t going to stay around to ask her if she did. That being said, I really hope that the worst case scenario if that actually happens, doesn’t happen. I don’t want to be forced to do anything I don’t want to do.

Question: Have you tried to stick your hand back into computer screens?

Answer: I have. I was hoping that if I was able to reach in, I would be able to pull myself in and save myself, but unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to do it. Screens are just screens.

It was kind of a short update, but all things considered, I don’t have much to talk about recently, as, to quote a movie I watched before this all happened, I’m just a leaf in the wind. If you want I can say, “Fixing a fence is hard work” or “painting a house is really messy”, but I feel like that doesn’t really do much for the situation. I type on here to get away from the whole mess, rather than try to relive it. Well, that being said, I am becoming a jack of all trades. I’m able to adapt to any situation that I happen to be thrown into, and given what I’m doing, I say that it’s making me survive.

Till next time.

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Traveler – Chapter 2

Well, the next morning, I woke up and forgot about the lamp to be completely honest. I continued my packing, since it was the end of the semester, and I didn’t have to go to the college anymore because junior college and all. I never did understand why some people called it junior college, and others call it community college. To be honest, it almost feels like community colleges are put in a bad light or something. It’s quite odd when you think about it because they give the same info for a cheaper price. I, of course, learned this much later through experience rather than being told, but that’s a story for later.

I digress, I finished up with the cleaning everywhere but my desk, since I didn’t want to pack up my computer until the day that I moved out. I figured that it would keep me entertained for the time being. Well, when I turned to my desk, I remembered the lamp and all the strangeness that surrounded it, and so I opened up that file that listed my wishes just in case that lamp did actually have a genie. I gave that lamp a rub, and it didn’t do anything. I rubbed it for a good three minutes or so, and it didn’t do anything. A bit let down, I decided to open up the lid for it, and that’s when the genie popped out.

Now, when you think genie, you think something big and powerful looking, but this guy was about three inches high with a booming voice, even by my standards. I was actually quite surprised because he had a voice that was bigger than his tiny body would lead you to believe. Anyways, he said, you’ve found me, and you’ve got three wishes. No wishing for more wishes, and the other things got rambled on and on about. He also warned to make sure that my wishes were thought about for awhile so as to not cause problems later on. Of course, I immediately told him about my three, which took about an actual hour of talking.

Now, the wishes were (simplified to avoid rewriting out all of those pages)

One, an absolute defense that would block all incoming damage that would come to me, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. where even age wouldn’t affect me. That being said, it also included that I would have a perfect body to walk around in.

Two, the ability to walk between alternate dimensions at will, on a whim, where I can go to anywhere and anytime I wanted to, along with the ability to go back to where I just left to, and I would be able to understand all languages spoken, written, and thought, and be able to write them as if I were writing English. Along with the ability to go with whatever I was wearing, and whatever I was holding onto.

Three, A weapon that would grow along with me, where any experience that it gains, would also be my gain, and vice versa, where it wouldn’t have a cap for the amount of experience that it can gain, and I can call it at will from wherever it happens to be, and it would appear in any way that I wished, along with the ability to turn it into any form that I wanted it to.

These three seemed like they had no downsides to them, and I would be able to explore wherever I wanted to and do whatever I wanted. These wishes were granted, after the genie expressed his surprise at the entire situation. We did talk for a bit between the wishes however, and he was actually a really nice guy that was pretty tired being drug around to all of these years and being greedily wished upon without even being talked to.

I, of course, felt sorry for the guy, and promised to bring him somewhere he would be freed after the second wish was made. I wasn’t going to do it because I was greedy, and, to be completely honest, I didn’t even think that I could just travel to a place with multiple genies and just get one of them to wish me my third wish until about ten days afterwards. That being said, the promise was made, the wishes were made, and I immediately destroyed the C drive on my computer before giving it to my roommates.

After that, I decided to do my first transfer. I decided to go to the world of my favorite book, and it was an excellent experience. I think I’ll tell you about the basics and the experiences I had, but no specifics, since copyright or something may pop up.

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Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 4

I… I have some bad news, and some good news.

I was caught a few weeks ago. She finally managed to nab me when I was sleeping. Apparently my smell was all over the woods, and it led her right to me. Turns out that she was reading my posts right along with you guys…

Of course, I’m not going to stop posting, as that would literally break me after enough time of holding this all in, but even so, it’s still rough.

Anyways, she tied me up in a warehouse (I found that part out later) in the middle of nowhere. Of course, she had the place nice and neatly set up, with animals outside, which I can only assume that she got herself, and the place had quite the assortment of bookshelves and furniture. It also had a giant Cabbit plushie in one corner, which I noticed, as it was about 4 feet tall. But that aside, oddly enough, it felt like a home… just not MY home mind you. It felt kind of like visiting your relative that you really don’t like, except multiplied by 3.

I honestly don’t know if it was because I knew she was the one that owned it, or rather because it was just off-putting. Either way, I didn’t like it. The biggest problem with the entire thing though, would be how tightly my hands were tied. It was also with that itchy yellowish rope that has no business being anywhere near bare skin, which kept me from moving my hands too much because I don’t handle pain too well if I’m being honest.

Five minutes after sitting there, she finally came into the room and said in the bright cheery voice I remembered from several episodes,

“You’re finally awake! I’m so glad that you’re able to be here with me.”

This caused me to remember back to how everything began, and it just broke the dam that I built up around my heart and emotions all flooded back in an instant… it was terrible… I started crying because of my friends and parents, all while glaring at her with about as much rage as I could muster. Of course, I doubt that it looked very good, but, given the fact that I was tied in a chair, it’s understandable.

She must’ve noticed me crying, because she hugged me from the side and told me it would be okay.

At this point, I bit her chest.

That’s right, I was so enraged, I bit it.

Now, I wasn’t able to bite it off, but I know that she felt it because she shrieked in pain. Afterwards she poured water down my throat and it gets blurry after that. I can assume that she drugged me again by slipping it into said water. I faded in and out of consciousness, as occasionally I do get glimpses of everything that had happened. I think that I remember seeing at one point that she was feeding me my favorite foods, which, I don’t even know how she managed to find out. Another time, I came to when she was (I think) trying to hypnotize me. She was swinging a pendant in front of my eyes and muttering something, but I managed to break it off and focus on my breathing at that point. She figured it out a few seconds later though, as she tried to force me to drink more of that water, which I refused as much as I could. Of course, since that didn’t work, she just gave me the medicine through my other end…

It was uncomfortable, and made me feel soiled…

Later on, I came to as I was tied, by my hands, to the bedposts. She was lying on my stomach, and soundlessly breathing. I can only guess what she had been doing to me… well, at this point, I had noticed that the ropes weren’t tied as tightly as they usually were, and my plan was in motion.

I managed to untie the ropes, and carefully grab some of my clothes and some cash, and slip away. I probably ran for about two miles before I managed to find a car to hitchhike with, as the road was empty for the most part, and I didn’t see any vehicles around the place.

Since then, I buried the clothes and everything I took from her because, knowing her, she probably decided to put a tracker on everything. Besides that, I made sure that I’m writing these down elsewhere before posting them, and making sure to do it through an ISPN so as to add some security to myself so this doesn’t happen again. I’m just worried that there will be no next time…

Question time: Why haven’t you hopped the border yet? She would probably have a hard time finding you then.

Answer: I think that I would have a much harder time crossing any national border than she ever would. Not only that, but I feel like she’d probably be waiting for me if I even tried it once.

Question 2 (I feel this needs to be answered): why not just kill her?

Answer: That’s crossing a line I never want to cross. I had to deal with a friend committing suicide and blaming it on me, and it took me a good two years to get over that, and I guarantee that doing it to an actual person would cripple me for the rest of my life.

Honestly, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I don’t want this much more. I’m debating on where I can go, and nothing is helping. I’m constantly depressed nowadays, and the situation I’m in is probably the cause of it. I just hope that I’m going to be able to figure out a way to save myself.

Till next time I guess.

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Traveler – chapter 1

Do you know what? It’s been a few millennium since I’ve been able to sit back and deliberate on everything that I’ve done so far. So, to start off, I’m immortal. There was a genie I found, I read three wishes that I wrote out awhile back. I worked through the wishes over a few years because I figured that I should be prepared in case something like that ever happened, and I had the chance presented to me on a silver platter. To put it simply, my three wishes were infinite defense, the ability to walk between dimensions and timelines, and a weapon that I can morph into anything and grows with the experience that it gains.

There’s a whole lot more to these wishes, and they could each fill an entire chapter of a book, but it is what it is. Firstly, I hope that you realize that I’m not a good person. I’ve massacred everything and everyone in several universes. I’ve served demons and humans, betrayed them too. I’ve slept with all manner of people, monsters, and things both sexually and literally. I have explored the deepest oceans and the vast reaches of space with nothing on but my boxers and my weapon. After many, many years, I finally calmed down and decided to write down a few of my experiences since one part of the whole “invincibility” shtick that I have is that I have a steel trap for a brain that can’t forget anything anymore, much to my joy and chagrin.

This is my story.

I guess like any good explanation I should start at the beginning, and move through the details until I reach now. So, I was a new grad in the Americas, as I had just gotten my associates degree at a community college so I wouldn’t be swamped with debt by the end of it all. Of course, the upside was how I was able to go and get the money for books from my grandpa, so I wasn’t too badly off all things considered. Of course he offered to either pay for tuition or books, and I figured that books were more expensive, and if I sold them, it’d be money in my pocket, so I stupidly decided on books, but oh well now, not too much skin off my back.

Well, after finally passing and getting my degree, a bunch of guys wanted to go do something stupid and get drunk, and I decided to tag along as the DD. I used to not drink, (I don’t drink now since there’s no point in it. It doesn’t affect me) due to being too young. I was 20 at the time, and it was pretty fun. It was a bunch of college kids being stupid out in the Mojave, and it was a pretty good time. Of course, there was a sandstorm that sprung up out of nowhere at about eleven at night, and we had to wait for about a half hour for it to finally pass over us. People were in one car or the other, and they were drunk as a middle class teenager in high school. In fact, I think I could have built a house out of the number of beer cans that were everywhere. Well, after the sandstorm finally blew away all of the cans, five lawn chairs that were left out, and probably two gallons of vomit, I climbed out to see what all was left. Of course, I didn’t find anything that we brought out, so I decided to take a small walk to let the smell of cheep beer air out of my car, as it smells awful.

About five minutes out, I found something weird.


I found a random staircase.


Out in the middle of the desert.


I sure as heavens didn’t know where it came from, or why it existed, so I decided to climb it to see what was at the top, since it went up for quite a ways.

When I was climbing it, I had this strange feeling that I shouldn’t do this, and it only got stronger as I was climbing, so I knew that I was going to see something interesting when I climbed this. It was hard to ignore the feelings, and as I was nearing the top, I felt like I was staring into the eyes of someone that was going to murder me with a blunt and rusty spoon in the most painful way possible. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t turn around, but I didn’t and kept climbing. I think the eeriest part of the entire thing, was when I reached the last few steps, the feeling suddenly cut off without warning. It was like a switch had been flipped, or something like that. But at the top, I found a weird house that seemed really run down, with old boards, and broken windows.

I decided that the feeling was obviously there to protect something good, and so I decided to break in and look around. Of course, when I say break in, I just turned the front door knob and opened the door, not some mission impossible stuff with cutting a hole in the roof and lowering myself down or anything of the like. But yeah, I walked into the house. The inside looked nothing like the outside, or what the  windows showed, as instead of a broken down house or anything of the like, it was just a white room with a pedestal in the center. On the pedestal was a lamp, like off of Aladdin, and so I did what any normal person would do. I went and grabbed the lamp.

Now, before you get any grand ideas, nothing happened. The room didn’t close, and trap me inside, or a boulder didn’t come rolling after me, or anything. I just took the lamp and that was the end of it. After that, I walked out of the house, and closed the door, before realizing that I was at the area where the stairs started, with neither the house, nor the stairs anywhere in sight. Of course, the lamp was still there, and so I knew that it wasn’t a dream. Afterwards, I just went back to my car, and drove the car load of people back to their dorms and dropped them off before going back to my own dorm and crashing for the night.

The good news is that I didn’t have a roommate, so the lamp was safe on my table.

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Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 3

I had a close call last week. I don’t know what she slipped into my food, but I could taste colors, and smell the cosmos. Of course, I don’t know what had happened afterwards, but I somehow managed to land in the middle of the forest and not have any of the things I’ve managed to buy. Unfortunately for me, that means that the small amount of money that I had built up is now completely gone. I guess this means that I need to go and figure out a way to build it back up, because a month to get everything back every time I meet her isn’t fun. Of course, I’ve tried everything from going by a fake name, to dying my hair and wearing contacts. Unfortunately, she’s always one step behind me, and ready to pounce.

Anyways, this time, I stayed in an area for too long, and I knew it at the time. I was going to split the next day by taking a bus that I found the week prior. I stopped by a restaurant in the afternoon, and ordered myself some food. I made it a ritual that I would eat out on holidays, which this one was Veterans Day, though, if I’m honest, I just made an excuse as to why I should eat out occasionally as to save money. I, of course, will not be doing that anymore due to the circumstances. Now, when I got my food, (it was pasta), I bit into it and it was pretty good, but it was pretty dry. The noodles were quite stiff, and didn’t have too much flavor with it. Of course, this prompted me to drink the water after eating about a fourth of the plate, which is where I noticed a waitress that looked familiar. Of course, before I was able to figure out why, my memory gets a bit hazy.

So, as I was wigging out, all I know is that I was being pulled somewhere and something big happened. I don’t know what it was, but I do know that it was probably her again. I don’t know anyone else who would try to drug me like that. Of course, I don’t understand how she nabbed me, but I do know that she is by far the most terrifying person that I’ve ever met.

Q&A time. I figure that I’d answer some of the biggest questions that have been posted on the thread.

Question: Why not just give into the inevitable and join her?

Answer: I thought about this at one point, and it’s kind of a dark story as to why I don’t. As to the why… well… I tried calling my mom recently, and I just heard the voicemail for her. Afterwards, I tried calling my grandma that lived elsewhere to at least talk to someone and let them know that I’m still okay, as I figured that me diving out on them wasn’t the best on their psyche since my elder brother disappeared a few years back as well. Apparently he was kidnapped, and… well… I’m not going to get into the details, but he’s not living anymore. When the phone picked up, we talked for a bit, and from what I found out, my parents died of a car accident a few weeks back. Apparently their brakes went out and they drove off a bridge into water. What’s weird though is that they had narcotics in their system when they died, and so I immediately knew what had happened.

My parents had drilled it into me to not do drugs, and to not drink, and they were my role models as to the why not. They never used them and explained the why for it well enough for me to not do it. Of course, it also helped that weed and cigarettes make me violently ill when I even catch the secondhand smoke, but that’s beside the point. The main point is that they never would have touched the stuff, and since they were filled with them, I knew she was behind it. It’s hard to think back on, but the more I do, the more I know that she can’t be trusted.

As for now, I’m going to try to head to the next city. Hopefully I can get a week there to get everything together, as I don’t think that this 20 is going to last me very much longer.

Till next time.

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Pig Rider – Chapter 6

a slightly longer chapter this time, and possibly all the ones afterwards. I’ve decided to highlight the points where the main protagonist is referred to with orange before his name is revealed next chapter. look forward to it.


decided to drop this, but if I do pick it back up, the above will happen. in the meantime, i’m going to be writing more on DLHO. Due to the drop, I will be naming the character Life if I do pick it back up. Just letting people know so that way the itch is scratched if this never does take off again.

– 5d100

Burnt Orange – MC

Olive – Big man

Plum – Guild Master

He was led into a somewhat large room with a table in the center and two chairs on either side of it. Along the walls were shelves, filled to the brim with different types of books, with trophies of different animals above them. the table and bookshelves were made of a red-tinted wood of some sort, and the chairs were cushioned.

Jus’ take a seat an’ the Guild Master will be in shortly.said the big man as he closed the door.

Unsure of what the Guild Master would be like, He sat down quickly. The chair was quite soft, and it made him sink down into the cushion. The problems began when he tried to adjust his seating, as when he tried to push his body up, he wouldn’t move an inch. He tried again, gripping onto the arms of the chair for leverage, but it wasn’t happening. Finally, in a last ditch effort, he decided to lean forward and see if that would help…

At last he was standing…

…The only downside is the fact that the chair was stuck on his rear, bending him at an odd angle, not to mention that the chair had an awkward center of balance, causing him to stumble as he tried to remain upright. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to hold on for too long, as he stumbled over too far and fell onto a bookshelf, landing on his side, and causing that bookshelf to fall on top of him, dumping all of the contents onto the chair, and the man currently residing in it with a large sound.

owww…he muttered pitifully, as the pain shot up and down his sides from the spots where the books landed. The bookshelf, thankfully, landed on top of the chair, and thus didn’t cause too much damage. It was at this point that the door opened and someone took two steps in before making a pause.

“Having a bit of trouble there sir?” a female voice said.

Yes…” he replies with a voice that is two parts pain, and one part like a caught child in the middle of taking a cookie from a jar when they weren’t supposed to.

There was a sigh, a few more steps, and a bit of unintelligible muttering. After a few seconds, the bookshelf was lifted back into it’s place. His chair was lifted back onto four legs, and she started to mumble a bit more, before he felt something change in the chair. He tried to stand, and much to his surprise, he was able to. He immediately stood up and started to grab at the books, but the female behind him barked out “Stop”, which caused him to freeze in place.

She continued,First, you come into town on a boar, with some rope that couldn’t even be cut by a mithril sword. Not only was this the case, but since the rope couldn’t be cut, we had to untie the entire thing, which was covered in the most ungodly knots that i’ve EVER seen, which, after two hours of trying to fix, we couldn’t. the only way we were able to separate the two of you was by cutting up the damned pig while you were still ON IT. This caused you to be completely covered in boar blood and…”

She paused at this point. She spoke coldly at first, but eventually grew to speaking in a rant, and started to breathe to calm herself down. At this point, he was finally able to get a good look at her. It was a woman with pointed ears, shoulder length blonde hair, a white blouse, and black pants. She was about two meters tall, and was quite petite with a lean muscular look to her, rather than looking like she was skin and bones. One of her hands was on the top of the bridge of her nose, massaging it to get rid of her stress. She took another deep breath and finally calmed herself.

Then” she continued, “after the whole fiasco was over, you sleep for two days straight, with it ending with you coming into my office and causing a mess. Just sit. We have a lot to discuss.”

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