James 5

He made it back to his room and grabbed his few meagre belongings, and packed them up, making sure that they all were secured tightly before putting them on his back and wrote a note to the castle so as to have them not worry. He figured that they would anyways, but it was enough to put his mind at some sort of ease, or that’s at least what he told himself.

He walked to the walls of the castle and into the armory before putting his training weapon back and grabbed a real sword from the racks. There was a guy guarding the room, but he was fast asleep, making this easy to do. After getting the hand-and-a-half sword and strapping it to his belt, he left quietly and headed towards the top of the wall. The gates were closed during the nights, and so he figured that this was the easiest way to do it. He reached the top, then he took one of his two packed bundles of rope and tied it to the castle wall, before climbing down it.

Unfortunately, as he soon discovered, the rope was about 5 feet short of reaching the ground, so he had to jump the rest of the way. It didn’t hurt him nearly as bad as he thought it would, so he shrugged off the slight pain from the landing and began to venture out into the fields surrounding the castle. He had enough rations for two weeks, so he figured that he would have to find something else to replace it soon enough.

As he was walking away, about five minutes out, he paused and looked back at the castle. It looked the same as it always had, with lights on in some windows, some without. Guards pacing about, not paying attention to their surroundings, the same as always. At this he nodded his head and acknowledged that he was better off not hindering them anymore, as he was just a useless sack of meat that was unable to understand simple instructions.

Turning back around, he began to continue walking forwards towards the woods eastwards, as this was the quickest way to get to the battlefield rather than waste time elsewhere. He figured that he should at least do this for them, as this was the only reason he was even still breathing.

He continued walking through the woods at a moderate pace. It was quite peaceful once you get past the inherent fear of walking through a dark woods. Normally, people would be hard pressed to get through the woods at night, but James had extraordinary night vision, which he considered to be his one good trait.

In the previous life, he had great vision as a child, but given the electronic media that ran rampant through his life, it didn’t last, and so he had to wear glasses to fix it. Here, however, those potions and magic had returned his sight to normal, a blessing, sure, but what good does it do him?

After a few hours of walking, he finally came across a river of water just as he was getting thirsty. He had drank through his canteen and was starting to regret taking such big gulps. He refilled his canteen and casted a cleansing magic on it, one of the few spells he could cast he found, before sitting on a nearby downed tree and drinking out of it. The sun was starting to rise, and he knew that the castle would soon find his note. He was starting to get tired, as casting that simple magic always drains him immensely, and so he drank one of his mana potions that he had in his pouch and continued walking away, figuring that the more distance between him and his mistakes, the better.

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James chapter 4

It’s been about a month since he started to train with the other knights, but he was finding it hard to keep himself motivated. The other knights had incredible stamina and were able to do a thousand more drills than he was able to, not to mention that he didn’t understand the techniques that the knights were trying to teach him.

He thought he understood it, and was practicing it the way he thought they described it, but when the monthly sparring took place, it was as if he was just a child swinging a stick with reckless abandon.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t one of the older knights with years of training, but rather, the new cadets that had about two months of training under their belt compared to his one that had gone to waste.

When he started the fight with a bit of confidence that he learned at least enough to be able to fight them on somewhat equal grounds, it blew up in his face.

His footwork was wrong, his grip was bad, he didn’t do the correct angles, and so on.

He wanted to give up on this whole endeavor as he couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t going to even work.

The only thing that kept him going was the daily visits from that priestess. She just seemed to always have a sparkle in her eye that couldn’t help but be marvelled at.

Personally, even though it had only been a month, he was in better shape than he ever had been in during his 24 years of life so far. Of course, that wasn’t saying much. He had to go through high school PE classes after all.

That aside, he sat in his bed, sighing about everything that ran through his head.

I’m just worthless

He heard ringing through his mind.

I’m just going to mess this up like i did with everything else, killing everyone in the process.

Those words just kept flashing through his head over and over again. Screaming for him to just leave this place and find a hole somewhere to lie in.

This, paired with the mistakes he had made before… it was just too much. So he got up and put on his training clothes again to go whack at the dummies again.

The field was empty, and the lights were all out for the night, but he began to go and hack away at the dummies to chase away the thoughts going through his head, or if nothing else, make his head empty.

Eventually, he lost track of time and just focused on attacking the bundle of straw in front of him with force rather than technique, trying to ignore the light echoes in the far back of his mind.

An hour passed of him just smacking the dummy before his hands started to bleed from the strain and lack of defined calluses.

Plopping on the ground, panting hard, he felt a cool breeze blow across his face as he looked into the stars.

The galaxies were beautiful, but there were too many to look for the constellations he was used to.

As he was lying there, resting a bit, he heard light footsteps from behind him, which were just barely louder than the crickets in the wilderness surrounding the asleep city.

He decided on closing his eyes and just waiting for them to pass him by, but unfortunately they stopped near his side, before he heard a plop right next to him, as if someone else were lying on the ground next to him.

Curious, he opened his eyes, and looked next to him to find a woman in a dark purple dress lying in the grass about two feet away. Shrugging this off, he began to pack up his training stuff for the morning afterwards, as he figured that he would be trained just as hard as he always was.

He began to think that he should just leave the castle and begin his journey. He already fucked up the training anyways, so why bother sticking around? He remembered hearing that there was a guild for adventurers in most towns and they would probably be the way to go, as he could just start over somewhere else, working his way up to dealing with the demon lord.

And since the priestess had a magic slip of paper that would tell them if he was dead, it’s not like she would need to follow him around anyways. He didn’t care anymore. He just wanted to leave.

Making up his mind, he drank the healing potion that he had to heal his injuries and picked up his training bag, ready to go back to his room when he remembered about the strange woman lying on the ground.

He looked at her and said, “hey, you might want to go back into wherever you came from. It may be a castle, but you never know what might happen.” Before walking away back to his room.


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