Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 11

Hey guys, it’s been about three weeks.

I guess I should explain what has happened within that time.

Well, as you might have guessed, she showed up soon after I had posted that last post, and so I guess she was just biding her time.

That aside, she really is pregnant, and was really excited for it, though, she kept laughing to herself and muttering something about “our child” to herself on the trip back to the bunker, which is what I’m going to call it from now on.

Anyways, she showed up in the doorway of the library, staring at me cautiously, as if staring at a cat that is about to run, which was fair. Every time I had seen her previously, I had bolted, sometimes through actual windows. And so, I just smiled and waved, hoping that she understood my intentions. At this, she waddled over with a smile. Of course, I say waddle since that was the best way that I can describe it, since it wasn’t quite a walk.

Anyways, we didn’t say anything to each other, she just held out her hand with a smile, and I took it and just was led away by her into a car. It was a long drive, I said nothing, and she didn’t either. I guess that was because she was waiting for me to say something, much as I was waiting for her to say something as well. The silence was quite odd, and there was a barrier that existed between us. It didn’t seem like an actual barrier, but it certainly felt like it from the tension in the air.

I would have talked to her, but I didn’t know what to say.

Would you?

That aside, I do have to admit that after awhile, I ended up falling asleep, as we were on the road for awhile, and I just couldn’t keep going with all of the boring forests that we were driving by.

But when I woke up, we arrived at the place. It was a bit nerve wracking since this was the place I was held prisoner half a year ago, but now, I’m coming back willingly.

As I was staring at it with apprehension, she began getting things out of the car. I turned to help her, realizing that it was the stuff from the place I was staying at the time she picked me up.

I would like to say that I was surprised, but at the same time, I actually was half expecting something like that to happen. I offered to take my bags in, but she quickly denied that and just told me to head in and make myself at home.  But, because she was pregnant, I walked over and took my bags anyways, and told her, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to run anymore.”

With this, we walked inside, and I was led into a room with a queen sized bed, a side table with a lamp on it, a desk, and a ceiling fan that had the lights on the middle of it. At the desk was the replacement computer that I used to write the first post after my first one went kablooey. After looking for awhile, I realized that some of the furniture looked familiar for some reason. On closer inspection, and a bit of thinking, I realized that the room looked just like my old room did…

I found it eerie, but I figured that it would be easier for me to settle in due to nostalgia. Even so, just being in the room was quite difficult, as it reminded me of my late parents. Honestly, I sat down on the bed, and just broke down.

I don’t know how long I cried, as I kept passing out and waking up and just starting to cry again. It took me about three days to finally work it all out. It was nice though; she gave me my space, and ended up dropping off food and water while I slept. This time though, it wasn’t drugged, and so it was able to be some of the comfort that I needed. She did come in during the second day and just sat on my bed next to me. She didn’t say anything; she just sat there quietly and just rubbed my back. It’s funny how much I needed that, as it helped me start to feel grounded and less chaotic.

Frankly, I just needed to get everything out of my system. I emerged from the room on the third day, dehydrated, exhausted, but a lot more stable than I was before I went into the room. Of course, as soon as I came out, she ushered me to the table and served me food. It was a small serving, but it had a lot of the food groups. She didn’t have any of the food in front of her, as she just stared at me intensely, whilst I ate my food. After I finished up, that serving, she took my tableware and put it in the sink before coming and sitting back down across from me.

This is when the talk begins.

Now, I’ll continue this in another post since this one is getting pretty long.

sorry about the delay


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Traveler – Chapter 8

After seeing this, I had to check out something. I left the kingdom immediately and travelled over to the demon kingdom. I just realized that I had forgotten to describe these “demons” to you, as I’m not used to doing so. Basically, the demons were humans that had red eyes and black irises, which actually looked pretty cool in my opinion. Their skins were white, as was their hair. Now, when I say white, I don’t mean like my Caucasian skin, I mean that they look like their skin was bleached after spending their entire lives locked in their mother’s basement white. It was so white; I bet that if they stood in the sun that the light would reflect off of them.

I’m digressing from the point here, anyways, I went over and started talking to the king three days before hand, since I figured that I might as well help them try to send their envoys, or stop them from doing so if my suspicions were confirmed.

I asked them about the human queen, and they had almost nothing but good things to say about her, though she was quite shrewd with her dealings, often relying on… shall we say, ‘unsavory’ individuals when she wanted things done in private.

Not anything sexual mind you, get your thoughts out of the gutter, but if she wanted people to disappear, she could very well wipe a person’s face from the history books easily. That’s how much power she held. She was apparently the person whom made the original treaty between the humans and the demons, and helped to maintain it. They had less than stellar approval of her husband, as he apparently had some strange hobbies, which they didn’t want to clarify. Lastly, they mentioned that slightly before the monsters started to appear, they lost contact with her, and weren’t sure why that was.

At this point, I told them to hold their messengers. Everything started to make sense.

I went to where the queen currently was, and I came to a patch of grass that was in the castle courtyard, which looked completely undisturbed. After this, I decided to put a stop to this. I went back in time to the point where she stopped the contact with the demons, and I was surprised by what I found. I was in the castle dungeons, in front of a cell. There were two women there; both were bound by the hands, almost looking like they were crucified to the wall with these chains. They surely must have been in pain.

I looked at the cell behind me, but it was empty, along with the other cells that were in a one block radius of this one, and so I knew that I had the right one. Since I knew my ability wouldn’t take me to someone else. You see, while it wasn’t 100% accurate, it wouldn’t put me in front of anyone that wasn’t the target that I was aiming for. If I were aiming for the first president George Washington, it wouldn’t put me in front of Abraham Lincoln, but it would drop me anywhere from 1 to 500 feet away from them, with 1 foot being extremely awkward to explain. Of course, that only applies to long distance travel. If I can see a place, I can go right to it without any difficulties, even if there are, say prison bars in the way of something.

That being said, I teleport in front of these two, and I try to get their attention without much success. I check their pulses, but they’re quite faint. Knowing that this would be the end of them both if they had stayed there, I cut the chains that held them to the wall. I then held their hands around my weapon that I transformed to a chain whip to make sure that they didn’t get left, and then I moved them over to the demons of that time. After appearing in the throne room, I immediately call out that the queen needed help. Of course, this prompted the guards to take her and the other girl away immediately, probably to help them. I told the demon king about what had happened, but I left before he could respond, as I had all the information I needed. I went back into the timeline that I left and I decided to confront the king about what had happened.

I asked the king about his wife, and he said that she was devoured by the monsters with their daughter. At this point, I just launched the weapon, which was now a spear, straight through the guy’s shoulder. As he gripped it, bleeding out quite a bit. I just looked him dead in the eyes and said in no unspecific terms,

“I have four things that I cannot stand. One is wasting my time. The second is lying to my face. The third is using me. The last is accusing me of what I haven’t done. You have broken three of these, and so, you’re going to come with me, as I’m going to give you a fate where you wish I had killed you.”

After saying this, I grabbed the spear, and I warped away. A while ago, I had seen a show where there was an area that was nothing but giant butts sticking out of a giant ocean of feces. that’s exactly where I dropped him. not in the poop, but on one of the butts before yanking out my spear and leaving him to think about what he’s done.

I didn’t know at the time whether or not I’d come back for him, but I’ll come back to that point later.

Anyways, I went back to about the time that I left with the king, and the guards were just bursting into the room, so about three minutes or so had passed. I just smirked, saluted them and decided to head over to check on the other people that I brought over to the demon’s relm.


Hey guys, 5d100 here, and I will admit that I actually almost had the king die at the end, but I changed it a day before release due to it not quite fitting into the character at this time.

That being said, I do have to say that I’m probably going to cut back on releases to one per week on tuesdays, where this and DPHO will trade off. of course, DPHO is almost done with the first arc, and so I hope that you’ll enjoy where it’s going with that, but even so, with college going on, I’m going to need a bit more time to write this out. I’ll also post this on the main page, as this story isn’t as popular, but even so, it’s still just one of my two drafts.

That being said, I will have a few announcements in the following days, so look forward to those.

anyways, I hope you enjoy.


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Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 10

It’s been awhile, but I was doing a lot of work recently.

I’ve been thinking for quite awhile, trying to drown everything out through work, with the apparent pregnancy that she has going on, I haven’t been in the right mind to think.

I  think she’s giving me space now, as I haven’t seen any trace of her lately, but of course, that may be because she’s taking it easy for the pregnancy. Frankly, if I’m being completely honest, I’m worried about her, and my eventual child.

Maybe that’s why I’m saving up, or maybe I just want some cash to be able to get out of this country, or something in between. This has been a major shock to me, and frankly, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I guess that she should be reaching 7 months soon, and so I might just go and give myself up, since, I want that child to be able to live a happy life, and I don’t know how she’s going to react to the entire situation.

Frankly, I just wish that I could start from the beginning and decide to not make that same mistake, as it made my life close to a living hell during the hottest summers, and the coldest winters when I almost died a few times. Honestly, this all might be my fault, as if I didn’t run at the first sign of trouble and just talked it out, it might have been better, but I don’t know. I just guess that I need to do more thinking instead of just working.

I think back on all the jobs and rides that I’ve gotten, and I’m beginning to think that it’s been more than just luck.

I’ve been able to get money when I’ve needed it, and have found cars and truckers to pick me up when I was about exhausted, starving, and in the middle of nowhere. It’s almost like I’ve had someone help me through this entire two year ordeal. I don’t know if it’s a God, a devil, or if it’s her strange magic that she apparently has.

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m still alive, and I don’t know if I should regret that fact yet, but I guess that will be shown soon enough. I guess that I need to just give myself up and figure out what’s going to happen. It’s honestly, terrifying as hell, but it’s definitely my only option left at this point. I figure that I don’t have much umph left in me, and I have been tired for the longest time without real rest.

I think that my mental state is completely fractured and I don’t know how long it will be that it can be kept together until I finally break down.

I’m in Kansas City, Missouri

come get me.

I’m ready.

sorry about the late post everyone. I’m currently out of future posts for this, and so I’ll have to write these out during the week. i’m sorry about the late time for release.

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Traveler – Chapter 7

When I teleported over, I learned an important lesson. My planes-walking ability isn’t omniscient, and can’t set specifics on where exactly I’m teleported, but the when is quite set in stone. Now, I say planes-walking because it fits the bill for what I’m doing. I am moving from one plane of existence to another, and so the name fits.

I digress, the reason I brought this up is what happened to myself after I teleported over. I thought that I’d make a grand appearance in the throne room or whatever meeting place that the demons had by making a superhero pose and crashing down into the ground with my spear.

What actually ended up happening is that my spear flew out of my grip, making me spin out of control, and I landed flat on my face in the middle of the throne room, thus killing my epic entry and making myself look like a total dweeb. Yes, I just said dweeb, and what’re you going to do about it? I kill gods for a living, so I think I’m entitled to use whatever language I deem necessary. Now, if I want to use dweeb, I can use dweeb.

Where was I? Embarrassment, that’s right. So, I quickly scrambled to my feet and dusted off my pants and tried to recover what little semblance of respect that I had left. Of course, at this point, I was surrounded by guards, all pointing spears at me, and telling me not to move. At this, I just smiled, and proceeded to speak to the king.

They didn’t want me to, but given the fact that the king was right behind them, they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. I told them that I came to learn about their side of the story before I, and the group back in the human camp decided to move over and attack. The king, thinking that it would be better to talk rather than to offend the man that literally appeared out of thin air, decided to explain what their story was.

It was as follows. The human kingdom and the devil kingdom were both at peace, and the trade between the two kingdoms was prosperous. Suddenly, it seemed that from the human side of the map, strange beasts started to appear and attack their people. Of course, they thought it was the humans whom caused them, and thus they began to train themselves to beat the beasts and also to beat the humans whom tried to destroy their homes.

Hearing this, I smiled, and explained what the humans thought happened, and all of the intricacies of it. Of course, I didn’t go into extreme detail, just a brief synopsis of the situation. I then suggested that they send a representative to do some talks with the other side, since both are suffering from these overgrown lizards. Of course, I said that I would head back and explain things first with the other side so that way they didn’t get speared after sending over people to talk. After this, I just summoned my spear, making sure not to hit the guards or any other bystanders that may or may not have been in the room, and then I just plopped myself over into the other kingdom to explain everything that’s going on to the king.

I was actually starting to distrust the king since he mentioned nothing about them being allied in the past, but I figured that I would get to the bottom of that at a later point. I told him that the demons would be sending over a representative, so don’t stick them with a spear, or they’d answer to me. At this, I said that I would be fine if they wanted me to go over and bring them over, but the king dismissed that and said that they should be fine coming over on their lonesome.

I smiled and left, immediately heading over to the library because I had just noticed something. The king was missing his queen. There were two thrones in the throne room, and I sure as hell didn’t see a queen, and so I wanted to check to see if this was deliberate or not. The king only had one lifeline left, and I wanted to check to see if something had happened between him and his queen, or if there was one in the first place.

It took me three days to find the laws about succession.

The kingdom was passed down through a matriarchy.

What the hell happened to the queen?

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Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 9

It took me about a week to calm down, and a second to continue the translation. Without any further discussion, here’s the rest of it.

They came and took me away from the room after a while and put me into a big room that had some really nice toys. I didn’t want to get yelled at though, and so I just stood there in the middle of the ground. A nice lady came in a bit later and talked to me. She told me that the bad man had gone away, and that I was safe now.

What does she mean by that? I don’t understand…

I found out that the king had given me that room and the toys, and so I was able to play with them!

I always wanted to play with them, as I saw my sister play with toys and they looked like fun…

But my dad always hit me if I tried to touch them…

But I practiced my magic as always, as I know that no matter what happens, my magic will protect me.

Well, the king found out that I turned 13 recently, and so he got me a real magic instructor. She is a lot more helpful than the book that I used to use when I was a kid. She was surprised that I was able to cast magic without any components, and I explained to her how to do it. She sure was surprised when she found out how, but she wasn’t able to do it. I wonder why she couldn’t do it?

I guess that I’m special after all.

Learning magic is always a fun part of my day. She taught me how to feel my mana better, and now I am able to feel it around me. It feels like a blanket over me, and it feels nice.

I like that feeling.

There was a lot of just posts about magic and how they work, but it included a lot of materials that don’t actually exist, so i’m just going to leave those out for the sake of simplicity.

She taught me the final lesson today.

I was taught by her for 5 years, and now I’ve graduated from her class.

She gave me a new staff that looks beautiful.

The gem up top matches my hair.

I will never forget her.

The king gave me a new position as the royal magic user. The old one died last year when the monsters attacked the city and he was trying to protect everyone. I hope that I can at least make someone proud somehow…

I don’t want to disappoint anyone anymore…

The king asked me to summon heroes due to the demon swarms becoming a lot worse than they ever have before. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it like he wants, but I’m sure that I’ll be able to do something for him. He’s like a better father to me than my father ever was…

I don’t understand why my father never took care of me…

Is there something wrong with me?

I cut my hair recently. It was getting too long and in the way of my research. Doing the summoning ritual is going to require a lot of work, and I’m not sure of what to use for it. Having my hair fall on the pages and smear the ink always makes life a lot harder than what it needs to be. I know I can do it, because I trust my magic. It never leads me astray.

I figured out what I needed to use to make the summoning circle. It required my hair ironically enough. At least I’m useful for something. But that’s beside the point. I just hope that all the magicians will be showing up when I need them.  I’m not sure how much magic this spell will take.

The spell succeeded…

But I was the only magician to survive…

Why do I always make these mistakes?

Why don’t I just die already?

The king wanted me to teach the heroes magic, to which I accepted. I just hope that I’ll be able to do this right for once in my life. The heroes all seemed to be excited for the opportunity, and it reminded me of how I used to view magic.

Training the party of magicians is surprising, as they’re picking up the magic I’ve spent years on instantly.

They also can cast it without components right away…

I guess that i’m not special after all…

Tomorrow is the day of the expedition.  That will be the day that the heroes will leave the first time, and try to slay demons outside of the castle, rather than just training. I’m sure that everything will turn out fine. Of course, I’ll keep this journal on me just so I know that if something happens, the king will know that I have passed on.

Geez… that’s a lot that happened. I just don’t know what to expect for her. I feel even guiltier because I don’t know if my actions made her flash back to any of it. I just guess that I need to man up and accept her as she is. If she is reading this, know that I’m giving myself up to you.

And with this, I’m signing off for possibly the last time.

a note from the author here, so I’m honestly not sure where I should go from here, but I’ll definitely be rewriting this for flow and such at a later time. that being said, school started today and I’m going to have that distracting me for the upcoming months, so the postings may cut back to every other week.

sorry about that,


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Traveler – Chapter 6

That reptile was walking over while sniffing at me, seemingly curious about how I was still alive. It was probably because it didn’t understand how I was still alive. Of course, an impact that massive would probably kill just about anything that was my size, so his curiosity was understood by me. We stared at each other waiting for the other to make a move, the tension building between us. I bolted forward, trying to finally finish this beast, but it just swept its tail again. Luckily, I realized what happened, and I jumped over it with relative ease. After the tail swished underneath me, I swung the sword in my hand to try and cut the scales on it. As with the feet, it just left another small gash in the thigh of the beast. It then tried to go and bite me, but I stepped back and threw my sword down the monster’s throat.

The monster began to try and dislodge the sword from the throat, but it wasn’t able to. After this, I just smiled and summoned the sword towards me. It split the monster’s throat and flew back into my hand. The monster’s legs gave out and it fell over on its side. I walked up to the monster’s face, and I stabbed it through the eye to put it out of its misery. The reason that I didn’t do that in the first place was because I wanted to get at least some experience for killing it, as I was able to kill monsters easily by throwing it into the chest of some of the bigger monsters and then calling it out through the other side, and ending the fight in a matter of seconds, but because it didn’t give me any actual fighting experience, I figured that fighting it out before using that as the final blow would be more beneficial.

Anyways, I just pulled out my weapon, changed it into a knife, and began to strip it for the meat, hoping that it would be tasty since it was harder to kill than most of the other things that I’ve killed so far on my trip (even though it was mostly my fault for that). As I had been stripping these beasts, I had been slowly getting better at carving out the different things in each of the different monsters, as most had the same type of inner structure. Their hearts were usually behind something resembling a rib cage, and their stomachs were always in the middle of their gut. Of course, there were differences between different species of monster in the area, with some having a small intestine and large intestine when others only had one or the other.

Anatomy aside, it was pretty nice work now that I didn’t get fatigued by simple things. Of course, it didn’t start out this way, as I hated touching the insides of anything that I killed, as I hated the feeling that it had, but eventually I got past that, and it turned out to be very interesting, and relaxing, work. The only problem is that I didn’t even need to do it. I didn’t need to eat, and everything that I did eat wouldn’t even be digested, which was a fright the first time I saw it. Of course, the feeling is something that I would never forget. I also forgot to mention that eating things actually really isn’t my cup of tea anymore, as I don’t taste anything but the strongest of flavors, and even those are quite mild. I guess that it’s another side effect of my defense being so high, but that’s just speculation on my part. Funnily enough, I forgot that things had taste, and reflecting back on it makes me sad. Anyways, back to the history of me.

That was the most interesting hunt that I could tell you about, and that’s basically what happened. Anyways, after doing that, I hunted a while longer over the next few days, and when the moon was full, I pulled out the map.

On the map was a faint glowing line that wasn’t there normally, and so I make an X on it to mark where the line ends with my knife, and I set out to find the place.

Two hours later, I finally find the place that was on the map, and it was a clearing with a single stump in the center. I went up to the stump, and found another map with another line drawn in black ink that had the exact same picture style as the one that I had, but the line leading to another place. This was odd, and I decided to follow this map as well.

It lead to another clearing with another map.

After about a full 28 hours of looking, I finally got to the last clue, and it lead back to the castle. At this point, I was absolutely livid at whomever made this, and I was about ready to take them and hang them from a flagpole from a balcony in the castle. And the flagpole would be my spear.

Imediately warping back into the castle, I march up to the king and inquire about the map.

The old bastard wrote the thing himself, thinking it would be a fun distraction for a time…

I immediately excused myself and teleported to the forest that I was just in and proceeded to find the next beast that I could find, whether it be a monster or otherwise, and began to beat it until my rage subsided.

I forgot how emotions felt. It’s been awhle since I’ve actually felt anything but boredom and amusement.

Anyways, I went back to the castle afterwards and inquired about the status of the other groups.

Group 1 went well, and they were able to find and kill about 20 monsters during the week.

Group 2 was alright and only killed about 14

Group 3 was hopeless and killed 4 of them, though from what the king said, it was the big ones instead of the small ones that the other group were fighting.

Group 4 was in the middle and killed 17.

And then there was me. I killed a grand total of about 70.

My excuse was that I was taking my time and doing it quite leisurely, otherwise I would have broken through to the triple digits.

With that, the hunting time came to an end, and I felt kind of bored with the area and I was curious about the demons that were apparently dooming the world, and so I decided to pay them a visit.

I bid the king adieu, and decided to teleport over and check it out.

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Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 8

Okay, so Trigger warning.

just putting it out there, so if you’re easily triggered by things, you shouldn’t read this chapter.

Better safe than sorry


After reading through another few entries, which were all about tracking me down (though, the amount of things she learned in the short amounts of time between finding me were shockingly big). She originally was relying on magic to track me, but eventually she learned how to use GPS and things of the like to find me faster, which explains how she started to show up faster. The fact that she was even able to learn that stuff that quickly is impressive. I dabbled in it, and I didn’t figure out any of it after trying it for three months straight. Of course, her using my computer probably helped, as she could probably consult a search engine or something of the like, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, I found a page in the journal that had strange characters with their English translation next to it, which I found odd. I looked through that entire journal and I hadn’t found any indication of anything remotely similar to those symbols.

Because of this, I decided to take another look through the box and I found something else buried at the bottom. It was a parchment that seemed quite a bit different from normal paper, but it still was readable. It took me awhile, but I managed to translate the most of it, and apparently it’s her past. Honestly, with a past like this, I can understand why she was craving safety. But, I’ll talk about that later, for now, I’ll post the writings that she had with as much editing as I could manage to fit into it, as it was quite difficult to decipher the somewhat broken English of the translation, but I think I managed it well enough.

I’ll post each entry one section at a time, as it’s going to take time to be able to translate this into another language since I have to go letter by letter. I guess that going to her will have to take a backseat, as I want to know why she did what she did, and this is a good start. All I know is that I will definitely be a better parent than hers… Anyways, the entries.

I wrote this since I was a girl. If anyone finds this on my dead body, they’ll be able to know who I am, and be able to complete my mission. If you show this to the king, they will know what has happened, and may reward you. As proof that this is my words, I will recount my past life so that the king may know that it is my word indeed.

My parents hated me, but yet, loved my older brother and younger sister. I don’t know why they hated me so much. I did everything they ever asked me, but they never did anything but slap me when I messed up, or gave me food when I succeeded. We were a small noble family, but yet, why do they act so cold to me? I just want their love…

I learned how to use magic. I was able to cast a small light after using the components, and I tried to show my parents, but they just snorted at me… I don’t get it. I am able to use magic, which is rare, while my brother is just swinging around his sword, and my sister doesn’t do anything. Why do they get all of the love and affection, while I’m just scorned? I don’t get it… I guess I just need to try harder next time.

My magic has been growing a lot lately. I somehow managed to remove the material components needed for casting that light spell, and it’s something I haven’t heard anyone else do so far. I’ve asked around the castle when we visited for reports, and so far, I’ve heard that most of the magicians think it’s impossible. I of course told my father with a big smile… but he just slapped me for causing a commotion…

Why doesn’t he love me?

I’m able to use all of the basic magic without any components now. It requires a lot of mana, and so I had to save up to buy a staff… I would ask my parents, but they would probably just look down their nose at me.

Magic is the only thing that I can depend on though, as it doesn’t do anything but what I want it to do. I guess that’s why they love my siblings more… but I don’t understand why they don’t ask me to do things anyways. I’d gladly help them with anything they need, so why are they so cold to me? Actually, recently my siblings are also starting to be cold to me. My brother used to care, but suddenly he just looks at me with empty eyes and a sneer. My sister just pretends I don’t exist…

Did I mess up something? Why don’t they like me?

I bought a staff! It makes casting things so much easier by making channeling mana easier, and acting as a medium for some of the spells, making the components I need decrease. I make sure that I hide my staff from my parents and siblings, as they seem like they wouldn’t let me keep it. I don’t know why they won’t let me have nice things anymore. I was kicked out of my bedroom a month ago and now I’m sleeping in a separate room that’s worse than the servant quarters. The only upside is that I can practice my beloved magic freely now. I’ve mastered the beginner’s spells without their components, and I’m working on the intermediates. I just wish my allowance wasn’t getting cut… these components are getting more and more expensive, and I can’t just get a job either… the last time I tried to do that, and my parents caused the merchant to leave the territory… then the beatings didn’t stop for hours…

As long as I have my magic, I’ll be happy…

They found my staff…

I don’t have it anymore…

I forgot how hard it was to cast magic without it…

We visited the castle again, as it’s been a long while since we’ve done so, and I managed to talk to one of the old men about my magic progress. They wanted an example, and so I casted the floating lights once again. I love this spell, as it makes me think that the lights are fairies and then I can talk to them for hours, so this spell is the easiest for me to cast. The old man was surprised by the fact that component-less magic was possible, and he said he wanted to talk to my parents about me coming with him to work as an apprentice… I don’t know how they were going to react… Will he be the same way?

My parents gave me away to the man. He brought me to a tower and hooked me up to a strange machine. Every day he does this for hours. The first time he told me to cast my magic with components, and then without it and he took some notes. Is this normal? I’m only ten and yet this feels a bit weird. He let out a sound like he found out something and he rushed out of the room. I wonder what that was about. Ever since then, he has been doing more and more testing.

Is this alright to do? He sometimes makes me do things that I don’t like, but I don’t want to be hit again…

Today a knight came and took me away from the magician. He asked me weird questions like, has the man touched me on my chest or in between my legs. I told the knight that he did quite a few times and just said it was part of the tests when I wasn’t even hooked up to the machines. The knight frowned and told me to stay put…

Did I say the wrong thing?

I cried until they came to get me again.

I had to stop reading at that point. It was too much for me to take in for the moment. Her parents and that pervy old geezer deserve to burn in the deepest pits of hell. I can’t believe that they did that to her and abandoned her like that… but then again, I’m just as bad as they are. I guess she just wanted my love, but I ended up running away. Why did I not just talk to her about it? Am I an idiot?

Either way, I’ll finish up the translating tomorrow. I’m too angry to continue onwards today.

I just hope she can forgive me…

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Traveler – chapter 5

After eating what seemed like a mountain of meat, I finally got to the bones of the monster. Honestly, I don’t know what it’s called, even after being eaten by it, and I don’t have any way of identifying it. Of course, after killing it, I did go and grab my satchel so I didn’t lose the map if anyone decided to search through my stuff, whether it is human or otherwise. Of course, I figured that everything would be fine nonetheless; this was just a concern of mine. That being said, I had a pile of meat, and a pile of bones, and I had no idea on what to do with it.

What I ended up doing was making my weapon into a giant container, because that was apparently a thing I can do with it. I guess it considered it to be a solid weapon, if you catch my meaning. I digress, after figuring out that it can turn into a box, I tossed in a small bone that would fit in it, closed it, and turned it back into a spear to see if I could pull it out later.

The oddest thing happened though, as when I changed it into a spear, it glowed white during the transition, which normally doesn’t happen, and then the spear looked better. The spearhead was actually flint, and the stick part of it was straighter. Now, the oddest part, was that instead of it feeling like an extension of myself, it started to feel like a part of my arm instead, so instead of a separate appendage like, say, a tail, it was more of my forearm. Of course, this was odd, and so I turned it back into the box. Now, the box was not only empty, but it was actually a lot nicer looking, and the box was actually bigger. Of course, after this, I began to throw bones and meat into the box to see if there would be any more changes.

About a half hour later, there was no change in the weapon unfortunately. I digress, I went to a nearby lake and I jumped into it to clean off the gunk that I had on myself, as I was beginning to stink. Now, at this point, I hadn’t tried diving underwater just yet, as they don’t have normal baths at the castle, just buckets to wash yourself off with, and towels to wipe yourself. Of course, it helped that there were two different towels per bath, one for washing, and the other for drying, but the problem with the whole thing is the fact that the water was always freezing. I could barely wash my sensitive areas with the water every time I bathed, and the buckets were wooden, so I wasn’t able to boil it. Of course, one or two times when I couldn’t stand that anymore, I just warped over to a place that had a free bath, and I used it.


Warm water is a godsend.


Where was I? Oh yes, the lake. So, as I was saying, I hadn’t had the opportunity to check out and see if I was able to breathe underwater yet, as it was a part of what I asked for, and I figured that this was a good place to test it. I found a good place and I decided to jump into the water all at once so as to avoid having the arduous journey of moving into the water over the space of an hour. Of course, later on, I fixed this problem, but I’ll get to that later. Anyways, after getting over the coldness of the water, I began to dive down in the lake, and tried to breathe in.

Now, what I wished for was the ability to breathe in any atmosphere that I warped to, but that didn’t apply to diving apparently, as the only thing that happened was a frantic clambering to the shore, and coughing and sputtering for a good five minutes. Making note to never try that again, I got up and began to pick up my belongings and prepared to go hunt so I could get revenge against that race of beasties for trying to make me their dinner.

Needless to say, the next few days were quite the experience. I began to learn how to sneak up on each of the different types of them, and their little quirks that they had. Some of them started to huff out steam when they got angry, or others began to attack recklessly when they were about dead, and holding on to a strand of hope. Of course, I made sure to fully crush those hopes, but that’s just out of pure spite for them.

I’ll tell you about one of my more notable hunts. It took place about three days out, and it was quite the experience. I was on the second to last pants that I had, and my shirts were all gone.  Thankfully, my body was the definition of muscular. It’s not body builder big, but it was full of lean muscle that had a bit of definition. That’s beside the point of course, but I do like to brag that I’ve maintained that body for over two thousand years.

Anyways, the monster that I was hunting looked like a T-Rex with longer arms, and spines down it’s back. It was able to shoot acid, and it would probably be suicide for any single person to try to attack it. Of course, I realized that the acid wasn’t as bad as the one that was in the first’s stomach, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, I began the fight by scouting it out and watching it move. I stayed downwind so it wouldn’t notice me, and I began to prepare. I changed the weapon from a gauntlet into a spear, and I prepared myself for the shock. I waited until it moved onto all 4 legs to eat before I decided that now would be the perfect time to begin the attack.

I warped directly above it, maybe about twenty yards, and I began to aim the spear so it would stab through the hide of this reptile. Well, I stabbed on its side, around a foot behind the arm, and my extra weight on the spear allowed it to easily pierce the skin. It of course, reared back with a loud roar, and began to try to shake me off. Unfortunately that was a useless action since I had long since released the spear. After it began to stare at me, I called back the spear, and it pulled itself free and flew immediately to my hand. The action of it pulling free caused the oversized lizard to roar again in pain. At this point he lowered his head at me and began to charge my way. I dove out of the way, and changed my spear into a long sword, ready to attack when it passes by again.

It skidded to a stop, with a cloud of dust being kicked up. Seeing a chance, I ran up behind it and swung at the back of its hind legs.  It didn’t cut them too deeply since the blade was quite dull (but not chipped anymore since it changed the first time), but it was enough to hurt it quite a bit. It tried to crush me with its tail by swinging it down, but I dove out of the way. Unfortunately for me, it swung its tail and smashed into me and the impact threw me into a nearby tree. The impact was so strong that the tree began to fall over; it was cracked in half. This made me glad that I couldn’t get hurt, as I would be dead otherwise. Unfortunately, at this point, though I couldn’t get injured, I did, however get stunned from the blow, and it took me a second to get up.

The beast roared again after seeing me lay on the ground still, seemingly in victory. I just smirked and called my weapon to me, its shoddy leather grip firmly in my hand. I immediately got up and prepared myself to continue this fight, since there was only one way I was going to let it go.

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Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 7

There’s a… well… update…






I know why she hasn’t been stalking me for the past month…






She’s pregnant.

I discovered this when I got a box in the space that I’m keeping my stuff in after I got home from my work. I don’t know how it got here, but I know that no one came into the area. I set up a perimeter of sticks to make sure that my camp isn’t raided by her while I’m out (or anyone else for that matter).

That’s beside the point. Inside the box was a positive pregnancy test, a picture of her with a bigger belly, and a spiral notebook that I used to keep in my room all those years ago. I recognized it due to the scribbles on the cover and a sticker I put on that I got from a candy thing from Halloween. I opened it up and started flipping through the pages and suddenly everything started to make sense. It answered every question that I had, or didn’t even know I had.

I guess I’ll just copy down the few entries that explain everything. I guess that’ll be enough.

I do have to say that it actually makes me understand… and I’m not as scared as I was before I read this. I guess you’ll understand it once you read it.


I was tired, as I had to fight thousands of wolves. They were everywhere, and I couldn’t keep going on for much longer, as my mana was almost gone. As I began to give up hope, but a hand reached out from nowhere. I reached out and grabbed it for it to pull me into a strange land. It was a strange room with a man in it. I was confused and unsure of what had happened when there was an explosion and crackling.

I was panicking and I began to lose control of my breathing. When he looked me in the eyes and told me, “You don’t have to worry anymore. You’re perfectly safe now.”

At that time, I was sure it was a lie. Monsters always attacked our villages and killed people inside of them if there weren’t soldiers to “protect” us…

That’s when he continued to speak and said something that I couldn’t understand…

He said, “There are no monsters or soldiers to worry about. You’re absolutely safe.”

Hearing this, I couldn’t register it for a second, but when it finally made sense, I lost balance and sat on the giant bed that was in the room and began to cry. It felt like the weight of a thousand kilos was taken off of my shoulders. What happened next surprised me…

He wrapped his arms around me, which made me feel safe. For the first time since I was a girl, I actually felt safe…

But it also made me feel something strange. Since I was brought to this room, the feeling of mana that I always had with me was gone completely. I couldn’t even make a flame on my finger, but when he hugged me, I felt something stronger than mana flow into me… It felt intoxicating and electrifying in all the pleasant ways. To put it simply, it felt amazing. Just wanting to feel this, I let him hold me for longer so I could feel it flow through me. Eventually he did let go and brought me down stairs and led me into a strange room with a big black box with handles on it. He took a clear glass from it and got water from the box thing, giving it to me. After drinking the water, which was cleaner than any water that I had drank before, he sat down in a strange looking chair and seemed like he was fumbling around to find the right words as he stared at me. I could tell exactly what he was doing, as I had done the same with the king many times. What he said next though, made me question my own existence…

He explained that I wasn’t real and from something called a ‘visual novel’ and was going to die if he didn’t reach in to pull me out. I felt all of the energy leave my body and I felt nothing but shock. My throat felt dry and my head started to hurt. “You… you managed to save my life?” I fumbled out.

He said something after that but I didn’t hear it.




I couldn’t hear it.




I had just been told that my family, my friends, my life… they all weren’t real. I had to stand up and look out the window and see… And what I saw, was strange buildings as far as I could see. I began to laugh at myself lightly as my mind couldn’t handle what I had just been given…




but I knew one thing…




He was the only thing that mattered anymore.


He made me feel wonderful.


He was the one who made me actually feel safe.


I want him


I need him

Just thinking of him makes that thick mana come flooding my senses and I knew that it was right.

at this point I came to my senses and realized that I was cackling, so I cut it off.

I couldn’t help but smile.

Smile at him and our future together

I found my purpose after all these years~


I nEeD hIm

I ReAlLy Do.

i ShOuLd RePaY hIs KiNdNeSs FoR SaViNg Me

I tUrNeD tO lOoK aT hIm AnD sAiD “I should repay you for saving me”

But he ran away?

He MuSt Be PlAyInG a GaMe

I wAnT tO Play TOo.


I followed him upstairs and tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t push open. I tried the small lever that was sticking out of the door, and it felt like something was in the way of it turning. He really likes playing around~

“WhY aRe YoU hIdINg FroM MeEEEe~ YoU KnoW I’lL WiN OUr lITTle GamE. Ohohohoho…

But after I managed to break the barrier between me and my love, he jumped out the window.

My heart cried out as he could be hurt, and so I instinctively cast a spell of protection.

It worked~

He’s safe~

I will follow him until he loves me, as I’m worthless without him~

I hAVe nO LiFE anYMoRe, bUt he GAve me A reASoN tO LivE.

I haVE bEEN loOkINg fOR oNe For 20 YeArS

He SaVEd Me

HE oWns MeE~

I LovE Him.



he’s so beautiful


After reading that, I can somewhat understand why she broke, and it makes me less scared of her, but at the same time, she’s still absolutely terrifying. The main thing is, I guess I have to do the responsible thing and talk to her, but I want to finish the journal before I do that. There may be some help inside of it to explain more about why she lost her mind. I can’t help her if I don’t know what happened.

I just hate that she’s pulling the sympathy card out now, though it’s kind of my fault for not even listening. Having magic explains a lot, though I have no idea why I’m the source of her mana. It’s strange to think about, but I guess I need to keep reading to figure this out.

If I find anything else interesting, I’ll definitely post it here.

Till next time


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