Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 8

Okay, so Trigger warning.

just putting it out there, so if you’re easily triggered by things, you shouldn’t read this chapter.

Better safe than sorry


After reading through another few entries, which were all about tracking me down (though, the amount of things she learned in the short amounts of time between finding me were shockingly big). She originally was relying on magic to track me, but eventually she learned how to use GPS and things of the like to find me faster, which explains how she started to show up faster. The fact that she was even able to learn that stuff that quickly is impressive. I dabbled in it, and I didn’t figure out any of it after trying it for three months straight. Of course, her using my computer probably helped, as she could probably consult a search engine or something of the like, but that’s beside the point. Anyways, I found a page in the journal that had strange characters with their English translation next to it, which I found odd. I looked through that entire journal and I hadn’t found any indication of anything remotely similar to those symbols.

Because of this, I decided to take another look through the box and I found something else buried at the bottom. It was a parchment that seemed quite a bit different from normal paper, but it still was readable. It took me awhile, but I managed to translate the most of it, and apparently it’s her past. Honestly, with a past like this, I can understand why she was craving safety. But, I’ll talk about that later, for now, I’ll post the writings that she had with as much editing as I could manage to fit into it, as it was quite difficult to decipher the somewhat broken English of the translation, but I think I managed it well enough.

I’ll post each entry one section at a time, as it’s going to take time to be able to translate this into another language since I have to go letter by letter. I guess that going to her will have to take a backseat, as I want to know why she did what she did, and this is a good start. All I know is that I will definitely be a better parent than hers… Anyways, the entries.

I wrote this since I was a girl. If anyone finds this on my dead body, they’ll be able to know who I am, and be able to complete my mission. If you show this to the king, they will know what has happened, and may reward you. As proof that this is my words, I will recount my past life so that the king may know that it is my word indeed.

My parents hated me, but yet, loved my older brother and younger sister. I don’t know why they hated me so much. I did everything they ever asked me, but they never did anything but slap me when I messed up, or gave me food when I succeeded. We were a small noble family, but yet, why do they act so cold to me? I just want their love…

I learned how to use magic. I was able to cast a small light after using the components, and I tried to show my parents, but they just snorted at me… I don’t get it. I am able to use magic, which is rare, while my brother is just swinging around his sword, and my sister doesn’t do anything. Why do they get all of the love and affection, while I’m just scorned? I don’t get it… I guess I just need to try harder next time.

My magic has been growing a lot lately. I somehow managed to remove the material components needed for casting that light spell, and it’s something I haven’t heard anyone else do so far. I’ve asked around the castle when we visited for reports, and so far, I’ve heard that most of the magicians think it’s impossible. I of course told my father with a big smile… but he just slapped me for causing a commotion…

Why doesn’t he love me?

I’m able to use all of the basic magic without any components now. It requires a lot of mana, and so I had to save up to buy a staff… I would ask my parents, but they would probably just look down their nose at me.

Magic is the only thing that I can depend on though, as it doesn’t do anything but what I want it to do. I guess that’s why they love my siblings more… but I don’t understand why they don’t ask me to do things anyways. I’d gladly help them with anything they need, so why are they so cold to me? Actually, recently my siblings are also starting to be cold to me. My brother used to care, but suddenly he just looks at me with empty eyes and a sneer. My sister just pretends I don’t exist…

Did I mess up something? Why don’t they like me?

I bought a staff! It makes casting things so much easier by making channeling mana easier, and acting as a medium for some of the spells, making the components I need decrease. I make sure that I hide my staff from my parents and siblings, as they seem like they wouldn’t let me keep it. I don’t know why they won’t let me have nice things anymore. I was kicked out of my bedroom a month ago and now I’m sleeping in a separate room that’s worse than the servant quarters. The only upside is that I can practice my beloved magic freely now. I’ve mastered the beginner’s spells without their components, and I’m working on the intermediates. I just wish my allowance wasn’t getting cut… these components are getting more and more expensive, and I can’t just get a job either… the last time I tried to do that, and my parents caused the merchant to leave the territory… then the beatings didn’t stop for hours…

As long as I have my magic, I’ll be happy…

They found my staff…

I don’t have it anymore…

I forgot how hard it was to cast magic without it…

We visited the castle again, as it’s been a long while since we’ve done so, and I managed to talk to one of the old men about my magic progress. They wanted an example, and so I casted the floating lights once again. I love this spell, as it makes me think that the lights are fairies and then I can talk to them for hours, so this spell is the easiest for me to cast. The old man was surprised by the fact that component-less magic was possible, and he said he wanted to talk to my parents about me coming with him to work as an apprentice… I don’t know how they were going to react… Will he be the same way?

My parents gave me away to the man. He brought me to a tower and hooked me up to a strange machine. Every day he does this for hours. The first time he told me to cast my magic with components, and then without it and he took some notes. Is this normal? I’m only ten and yet this feels a bit weird. He let out a sound like he found out something and he rushed out of the room. I wonder what that was about. Ever since then, he has been doing more and more testing.

Is this alright to do? He sometimes makes me do things that I don’t like, but I don’t want to be hit again…

Today a knight came and took me away from the magician. He asked me weird questions like, has the man touched me on my chest or in between my legs. I told the knight that he did quite a few times and just said it was part of the tests when I wasn’t even hooked up to the machines. The knight frowned and told me to stay put…

Did I say the wrong thing?

I cried until they came to get me again.

I had to stop reading at that point. It was too much for me to take in for the moment. Her parents and that pervy old geezer deserve to burn in the deepest pits of hell. I can’t believe that they did that to her and abandoned her like that… but then again, I’m just as bad as they are. I guess she just wanted my love, but I ended up running away. Why did I not just talk to her about it? Am I an idiot?

Either way, I’ll finish up the translating tomorrow. I’m too angry to continue onwards today.

I just hope she can forgive me…

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