Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 7

There’s a… well… update…






I know why she hasn’t been stalking me for the past month…






She’s pregnant.

I discovered this when I got a box in the space that I’m keeping my stuff in after I got home from my work. I don’t know how it got here, but I know that no one came into the area. I set up a perimeter of sticks to make sure that my camp isn’t raided by her while I’m out (or anyone else for that matter).

That’s beside the point. Inside the box was a positive pregnancy test, a picture of her with a bigger belly, and a spiral notebook that I used to keep in my room all those years ago. I recognized it due to the scribbles on the cover and a sticker I put on that I got from a candy thing from Halloween. I opened it up and started flipping through the pages and suddenly everything started to make sense. It answered every question that I had, or didn’t even know I had.

I guess I’ll just copy down the few entries that explain everything. I guess that’ll be enough.

I do have to say that it actually makes me understand… and I’m not as scared as I was before I read this. I guess you’ll understand it once you read it.


I was tired, as I had to fight thousands of wolves. They were everywhere, and I couldn’t keep going on for much longer, as my mana was almost gone. As I began to give up hope, but a hand reached out from nowhere. I reached out and grabbed it for it to pull me into a strange land. It was a strange room with a man in it. I was confused and unsure of what had happened when there was an explosion and crackling.

I was panicking and I began to lose control of my breathing. When he looked me in the eyes and told me, “You don’t have to worry anymore. You’re perfectly safe now.”

At that time, I was sure it was a lie. Monsters always attacked our villages and killed people inside of them if there weren’t soldiers to “protect” us…

That’s when he continued to speak and said something that I couldn’t understand…

He said, “There are no monsters or soldiers to worry about. You’re absolutely safe.”

Hearing this, I couldn’t register it for a second, but when it finally made sense, I lost balance and sat on the giant bed that was in the room and began to cry. It felt like the weight of a thousand kilos was taken off of my shoulders. What happened next surprised me…

He wrapped his arms around me, which made me feel safe. For the first time since I was a girl, I actually felt safe…

But it also made me feel something strange. Since I was brought to this room, the feeling of mana that I always had with me was gone completely. I couldn’t even make a flame on my finger, but when he hugged me, I felt something stronger than mana flow into me… It felt intoxicating and electrifying in all the pleasant ways. To put it simply, it felt amazing. Just wanting to feel this, I let him hold me for longer so I could feel it flow through me. Eventually he did let go and brought me down stairs and led me into a strange room with a big black box with handles on it. He took a clear glass from it and got water from the box thing, giving it to me. After drinking the water, which was cleaner than any water that I had drank before, he sat down in a strange looking chair and seemed like he was fumbling around to find the right words as he stared at me. I could tell exactly what he was doing, as I had done the same with the king many times. What he said next though, made me question my own existence…

He explained that I wasn’t real and from something called a ‘visual novel’ and was going to die if he didn’t reach in to pull me out. I felt all of the energy leave my body and I felt nothing but shock. My throat felt dry and my head started to hurt. “You… you managed to save my life?” I fumbled out.

He said something after that but I didn’t hear it.




I couldn’t hear it.




I had just been told that my family, my friends, my life… they all weren’t real. I had to stand up and look out the window and see… And what I saw, was strange buildings as far as I could see. I began to laugh at myself lightly as my mind couldn’t handle what I had just been given…




but I knew one thing…




He was the only thing that mattered anymore.


He made me feel wonderful.


He was the one who made me actually feel safe.


I want him


I need him

Just thinking of him makes that thick mana come flooding my senses and I knew that it was right.

at this point I came to my senses and realized that I was cackling, so I cut it off.

I couldn’t help but smile.

Smile at him and our future together

I found my purpose after all these years~


I nEeD hIm

I ReAlLy Do.

i ShOuLd RePaY hIs KiNdNeSs FoR SaViNg Me

I tUrNeD tO lOoK aT hIm AnD sAiD “I should repay you for saving me”

But he ran away?

He MuSt Be PlAyInG a GaMe

I wAnT tO Play TOo.


I followed him upstairs and tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t push open. I tried the small lever that was sticking out of the door, and it felt like something was in the way of it turning. He really likes playing around~

“WhY aRe YoU hIdINg FroM MeEEEe~ YoU KnoW I’lL WiN OUr lITTle GamE. Ohohohoho…

But after I managed to break the barrier between me and my love, he jumped out the window.

My heart cried out as he could be hurt, and so I instinctively cast a spell of protection.

It worked~

He’s safe~

I will follow him until he loves me, as I’m worthless without him~

I hAVe nO LiFE anYMoRe, bUt he GAve me A reASoN tO LivE.

I haVE bEEN loOkINg fOR oNe For 20 YeArS

He SaVEd Me

HE oWns MeE~

I LovE Him.



he’s so beautiful


After reading that, I can somewhat understand why she broke, and it makes me less scared of her, but at the same time, she’s still absolutely terrifying. The main thing is, I guess I have to do the responsible thing and talk to her, but I want to finish the journal before I do that. There may be some help inside of it to explain more about why she lost her mind. I can’t help her if I don’t know what happened.

I just hate that she’s pulling the sympathy card out now, though it’s kind of my fault for not even listening. Having magic explains a lot, though I have no idea why I’m the source of her mana. It’s strange to think about, but I guess I need to keep reading to figure this out.

If I find anything else interesting, I’ll definitely post it here.

Till next time


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