Traveler – Chapter 6

That reptile was walking over while sniffing at me, seemingly curious about how I was still alive. It was probably because it didn’t understand how I was still alive. Of course, an impact that massive would probably kill just about anything that was my size, so his curiosity was understood by me. We stared at each other waiting for the other to make a move, the tension building between us. I bolted forward, trying to finally finish this beast, but it just swept its tail again. Luckily, I realized what happened, and I jumped over it with relative ease. After the tail swished underneath me, I swung the sword in my hand to try and cut the scales on it. As with the feet, it just left another small gash in the thigh of the beast. It then tried to go and bite me, but I stepped back and threw my sword down the monster’s throat.

The monster began to try and dislodge the sword from the throat, but it wasn’t able to. After this, I just smiled and summoned the sword towards me. It split the monster’s throat and flew back into my hand. The monster’s legs gave out and it fell over on its side. I walked up to the monster’s face, and I stabbed it through the eye to put it out of its misery. The reason that I didn’t do that in the first place was because I wanted to get at least some experience for killing it, as I was able to kill monsters easily by throwing it into the chest of some of the bigger monsters and then calling it out through the other side, and ending the fight in a matter of seconds, but because it didn’t give me any actual fighting experience, I figured that fighting it out before using that as the final blow would be more beneficial.

Anyways, I just pulled out my weapon, changed it into a knife, and began to strip it for the meat, hoping that it would be tasty since it was harder to kill than most of the other things that I’ve killed so far on my trip (even though it was mostly my fault for that). As I had been stripping these beasts, I had been slowly getting better at carving out the different things in each of the different monsters, as most had the same type of inner structure. Their hearts were usually behind something resembling a rib cage, and their stomachs were always in the middle of their gut. Of course, there were differences between different species of monster in the area, with some having a small intestine and large intestine when others only had one or the other.

Anatomy aside, it was pretty nice work now that I didn’t get fatigued by simple things. Of course, it didn’t start out this way, as I hated touching the insides of anything that I killed, as I hated the feeling that it had, but eventually I got past that, and it turned out to be very interesting, and relaxing, work. The only problem is that I didn’t even need to do it. I didn’t need to eat, and everything that I did eat wouldn’t even be digested, which was a fright the first time I saw it. Of course, the feeling is something that I would never forget. I also forgot to mention that eating things actually really isn’t my cup of tea anymore, as I don’t taste anything but the strongest of flavors, and even those are quite mild. I guess that it’s another side effect of my defense being so high, but that’s just speculation on my part. Funnily enough, I forgot that things had taste, and reflecting back on it makes me sad. Anyways, back to the history of me.

That was the most interesting hunt that I could tell you about, and that’s basically what happened. Anyways, after doing that, I hunted a while longer over the next few days, and when the moon was full, I pulled out the map.

On the map was a faint glowing line that wasn’t there normally, and so I make an X on it to mark where the line ends with my knife, and I set out to find the place.

Two hours later, I finally find the place that was on the map, and it was a clearing with a single stump in the center. I went up to the stump, and found another map with another line drawn in black ink that had the exact same picture style as the one that I had, but the line leading to another place. This was odd, and I decided to follow this map as well.

It lead to another clearing with another map.

After about a full 28 hours of looking, I finally got to the last clue, and it lead back to the castle. At this point, I was absolutely livid at whomever made this, and I was about ready to take them and hang them from a flagpole from a balcony in the castle. And the flagpole would be my spear.

Imediately warping back into the castle, I march up to the king and inquire about the map.

The old bastard wrote the thing himself, thinking it would be a fun distraction for a time…

I immediately excused myself and teleported to the forest that I was just in and proceeded to find the next beast that I could find, whether it be a monster or otherwise, and began to beat it until my rage subsided.

I forgot how emotions felt. It’s been awhle since I’ve actually felt anything but boredom and amusement.

Anyways, I went back to the castle afterwards and inquired about the status of the other groups.

Group 1 went well, and they were able to find and kill about 20 monsters during the week.

Group 2 was alright and only killed about 14

Group 3 was hopeless and killed 4 of them, though from what the king said, it was the big ones instead of the small ones that the other group were fighting.

Group 4 was in the middle and killed 17.

And then there was me. I killed a grand total of about 70.

My excuse was that I was taking my time and doing it quite leisurely, otherwise I would have broken through to the triple digits.

With that, the hunting time came to an end, and I felt kind of bored with the area and I was curious about the demons that were apparently dooming the world, and so I decided to pay them a visit.

I bid the king adieu, and decided to teleport over and check it out.

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