James chapter 2

James awoke in a bed with a pounding headache and an empty stomach. Groaning, he began to sit up on the bed he was on.

Immediately after this point he heard a woman shout, “he awoke” out into the hallway, which did wonders for the pains in his head. He cursed his luck.

Shortly after the girl from before rushed into the room, followed by 3 knights. A look of concern heavily on her face.

“Thank the gods you’re alright.” She said, “Our healer said that you were heavily poisoned and almost died.”

“Maybe so, but i guess i’m still alive.” James replied, “can i get some water? My head is killing me.”

Immediately after the words left his mouth, the maid from earlier brought over a tray filled with foods and a cup of water. Namely bread and what looked like an apple.

Drinking the glass, his headache was fixed immediately, which was odd. Usually the headache lasted for longer. Brushing that aside, he began eating the bread. Figuring it was better than nothing. Usually hospital food was better, but he wasn’t going to complain.

The girl looked at him eating and asked him, “what caused you to be poisoned so badly? We’re sure it wasn’t the summoning ritual, as that has no relation to poisons at all.”

He didn’t even flinch and replied, “don’t worry about it. It wasn’t important in the first place. Just a little accident on my end.”

He said his excuse with practiced precision.

She looked concerned at his reply but didn’t press him further.

“So who are you anyways?” James said, taking a bite from an apple.

“I’m shrine maiden Elise. I was ordered by the King to summon a hero from another world before it was too late and we were overrun by the demons.” She earnestly replied.

Hearing this, he simply nodded his head and continued to eat. Several questions entered his mind, but he decided against asking them at the moment.

After finishing the apple whole, and tossing the stems away, the princess spoke again, “so sir hero, are you willing to help us?”

He looked at her and found it odd. It seemed as if her eyes were sparkling, almost as if her eyes had a tub of glitter poured into them. He paused for a minute to think this over before asking an important question he had yet to have answered.

“I understand that i’m supposed to be this hero or whatever, but what does that even entail?”

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