Traveler – Chapter 7

When I teleported over, I learned an important lesson. My planes-walking ability isn’t omniscient, and can’t set specifics on where exactly I’m teleported, but the when is quite set in stone. Now, I say planes-walking because it fits the bill for what I’m doing. I am moving from one plane of existence to another, and so the name fits.

I digress, the reason I brought this up is what happened to myself after I teleported over. I thought that I’d make a grand appearance in the throne room or whatever meeting place that the demons had by making a superhero pose and crashing down into the ground with my spear.

What actually ended up happening is that my spear flew out of my grip, making me spin out of control, and I landed flat on my face in the middle of the throne room, thus killing my epic entry and making myself look like a total dweeb. Yes, I just said dweeb, and what’re you going to do about it? I kill gods for a living, so I think I’m entitled to use whatever language I deem necessary. Now, if I want to use dweeb, I can use dweeb.

Where was I? Embarrassment, that’s right. So, I quickly scrambled to my feet and dusted off my pants and tried to recover what little semblance of respect that I had left. Of course, at this point, I was surrounded by guards, all pointing spears at me, and telling me not to move. At this, I just smiled, and proceeded to speak to the king.

They didn’t want me to, but given the fact that the king was right behind them, they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. I told them that I came to learn about their side of the story before I, and the group back in the human camp decided to move over and attack. The king, thinking that it would be better to talk rather than to offend the man that literally appeared out of thin air, decided to explain what their story was.

It was as follows. The human kingdom and the devil kingdom were both at peace, and the trade between the two kingdoms was prosperous. Suddenly, it seemed that from the human side of the map, strange beasts started to appear and attack their people. Of course, they thought it was the humans whom caused them, and thus they began to train themselves to beat the beasts and also to beat the humans whom tried to destroy their homes.

Hearing this, I smiled, and explained what the humans thought happened, and all of the intricacies of it. Of course, I didn’t go into extreme detail, just a brief synopsis of the situation. I then suggested that they send a representative to do some talks with the other side, since both are suffering from these overgrown lizards. Of course, I said that I would head back and explain things first with the other side so that way they didn’t get speared after sending over people to talk. After this, I just summoned my spear, making sure not to hit the guards or any other bystanders that may or may not have been in the room, and then I just plopped myself over into the other kingdom to explain everything that’s going on to the king.

I was actually starting to distrust the king since he mentioned nothing about them being allied in the past, but I figured that I would get to the bottom of that at a later point. I told him that the demons would be sending over a representative, so don’t stick them with a spear, or they’d answer to me. At this, I said that I would be fine if they wanted me to go over and bring them over, but the king dismissed that and said that they should be fine coming over on their lonesome.

I smiled and left, immediately heading over to the library because I had just noticed something. The king was missing his queen. There were two thrones in the throne room, and I sure as hell didn’t see a queen, and so I wanted to check to see if this was deliberate or not. The king only had one lifeline left, and I wanted to check to see if something had happened between him and his queen, or if there was one in the first place.

It took me three days to find the laws about succession.

The kingdom was passed down through a matriarchy.

What the hell happened to the queen?

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