Traveler – Chapter 8

After seeing this, I had to check out something. I left the kingdom immediately and travelled over to the demon kingdom. I just realized that I had forgotten to describe these “demons” to you, as I’m not used to doing so. Basically, the demons were humans that had red eyes and black irises, which actually looked pretty cool in my opinion. Their skins were white, as was their hair. Now, when I say white, I don’t mean like my Caucasian skin, I mean that they look like their skin was bleached after spending their entire lives locked in their mother’s basement white. It was so white; I bet that if they stood in the sun that the light would reflect off of them.

I’m digressing from the point here, anyways, I went over and started talking to the king three days before hand, since I figured that I might as well help them try to send their envoys, or stop them from doing so if my suspicions were confirmed.

I asked them about the human queen, and they had almost nothing but good things to say about her, though she was quite shrewd with her dealings, often relying on… shall we say, ‘unsavory’ individuals when she wanted things done in private.

Not anything sexual mind you, get your thoughts out of the gutter, but if she wanted people to disappear, she could very well wipe a person’s face from the history books easily. That’s how much power she held. She was apparently the person whom made the original treaty between the humans and the demons, and helped to maintain it. They had less than stellar approval of her husband, as he apparently had some strange hobbies, which they didn’t want to clarify. Lastly, they mentioned that slightly before the monsters started to appear, they lost contact with her, and weren’t sure why that was.

At this point, I told them to hold their messengers. Everything started to make sense.

I went to where the queen currently was, and I came to a patch of grass that was in the castle courtyard, which looked completely undisturbed. After this, I decided to put a stop to this. I went back in time to the point where she stopped the contact with the demons, and I was surprised by what I found. I was in the castle dungeons, in front of a cell. There were two women there; both were bound by the hands, almost looking like they were crucified to the wall with these chains. They surely must have been in pain.

I looked at the cell behind me, but it was empty, along with the other cells that were in a one block radius of this one, and so I knew that I had the right one. Since I knew my ability wouldn’t take me to someone else. You see, while it wasn’t 100% accurate, it wouldn’t put me in front of anyone that wasn’t the target that I was aiming for. If I were aiming for the first president George Washington, it wouldn’t put me in front of Abraham Lincoln, but it would drop me anywhere from 1 to 500 feet away from them, with 1 foot being extremely awkward to explain. Of course, that only applies to long distance travel. If I can see a place, I can go right to it without any difficulties, even if there are, say prison bars in the way of something.

That being said, I teleport in front of these two, and I try to get their attention without much success. I check their pulses, but they’re quite faint. Knowing that this would be the end of them both if they had stayed there, I cut the chains that held them to the wall. I then held their hands around my weapon that I transformed to a chain whip to make sure that they didn’t get left, and then I moved them over to the demons of that time. After appearing in the throne room, I immediately call out that the queen needed help. Of course, this prompted the guards to take her and the other girl away immediately, probably to help them. I told the demon king about what had happened, but I left before he could respond, as I had all the information I needed. I went back into the timeline that I left and I decided to confront the king about what had happened.

I asked the king about his wife, and he said that she was devoured by the monsters with their daughter. At this point, I just launched the weapon, which was now a spear, straight through the guy’s shoulder. As he gripped it, bleeding out quite a bit. I just looked him dead in the eyes and said in no unspecific terms,

“I have four things that I cannot stand. One is wasting my time. The second is lying to my face. The third is using me. The last is accusing me of what I haven’t done. You have broken three of these, and so, you’re going to come with me, as I’m going to give you a fate where you wish I had killed you.”

After saying this, I grabbed the spear, and I warped away. A while ago, I had seen a show where there was an area that was nothing but giant butts sticking out of a giant ocean of feces. that’s exactly where I dropped him. not in the poop, but on one of the butts before yanking out my spear and leaving him to think about what he’s done.

I didn’t know at the time whether or not I’d come back for him, but I’ll come back to that point later.

Anyways, I went back to about the time that I left with the king, and the guards were just bursting into the room, so about three minutes or so had passed. I just smirked, saluted them and decided to head over to check on the other people that I brought over to the demon’s relm.


Hey guys, 5d100 here, and I will admit that I actually almost had the king die at the end, but I changed it a day before release due to it not quite fitting into the character at this time.

That being said, I do have to say that I’m probably going to cut back on releases to one per week on tuesdays, where this and DPHO will trade off. of course, DPHO is almost done with the first arc, and so I hope that you’ll enjoy where it’s going with that, but even so, with college going on, I’m going to need a bit more time to write this out. I’ll also post this on the main page, as this story isn’t as popular, but even so, it’s still just one of my two drafts.

That being said, I will have a few announcements in the following days, so look forward to those.

anyways, I hope you enjoy.


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