James 6

It had been a week of travelling through the wilderness. James had been trying to just forget everything and just move forward without thinking of much, as everything he did wrong might come back through his head if he didn’t keep his mind blank. He didn’t sleep much, maybe only a 20 minute nap every few hours, so as to avoid getting eaten by the wolves or attacked by the gremlins and goblins that are throughout the woods and plains that he traveled through. It was exhausting at first, but the more that he got used to it, the more his body began to sleep better.

The biggest downside is the fact that he was starting to run out of food and potions. He ran out of rations about 2 days ago, and was purely subsisting on meat from the beasts that tried to attack him. Of course, no matter how hungry he was, he would never eat a goblin, as those things are revolting, no matter how you slice it, not to mention, that there wasn’t any meat on them at all. Goblins are almost all skin and bones. Meanwhile the potions, he wasn’t sure how they were made. It might be some sort of magic or something close to it.

Food and potions aside, he was sleeping under trees, wrapped in a thick wool blanket, at least, he thought it was wool. He wasn’t sure what the animal it was made from was a sheep, alpaca, or what have you; all he did know is that it was warm, and it probably saved his life from frostbite or things of the like.

James put those thoughts aside and packed away his things, and put away his maintenance gear into it’s pouch, which he found was almost empty from continuous use, and began packing away his things in other pockets in the pack that he is carrying on his back, as it was about time for him to continue moving. After securing everything to him firmly, he began to continue his trek through the forest, hoping to come out of it sooner rather than later.

As he was walking, he remembered back to when he was a boy scout, something that he attributes to being able to live this long. He remembered the time he was climbing a mountain with the friends he used to have, and how he just didn’t stop pushing forward while going up and down that mountain. he smirked and thought that it was pretty similar to his situation now. Trying to ignore everything and just keep moving forward.





After a few more hours of travelling, he managed to finally get out of the woods, and finally saw a city in the distance. Sighing to himself, he finally felt like his time sleeping uncomfortably was coming to an end.

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