Re: Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 1

Have you ever wanted to go to a fantasy world, or pull a character out of the screen of your favorite show and talk with them personally? Firstly, let me tell you that it will be an experience that you’ll never forget, as your life will change for the worse. Mine was absolutely ruined, and now I am on the run. But I’m getting ahead of myself, and should explain everything that has happened so far.

It started out as days usually did for me, I woke up, brushed my teeth, and then I hunkered down in my room avoiding all of humanity since they’re all basically garbage bags with legs. Needless to say, I’m just as bad as them, but I knew it making it fine to a certain extent. Anyways, I was reading manga and watching anime so that I could compare them to the light novels that I had read, and possibly find more light novels to read. For those that don’t know, light novels are books with pictures in them of the characters which typically involve a character going to another world and having to save the people there.  Things that are quite popular in Japan, but Americans don’t really have much interest in. That aside, I stumbled across an anime that was a major disappointment. The characters and premise were built up really well, and the world building was quite good. Unfortunately the ending episodes were rushed and everything fell apart, causing me to become disheartened. Of course, seeing that this happened, I immediately searched online to find out why this happened, and found the usual things,

  • Budget was running out
  • They didn’t have enough episodes to continue the story past one season
  • The studio didn’t want more than one season

Things like that. That being said, from the forum that I found this on, I found another guy who gave out a link to the original visual novel that the anime was based on, and though I don’t really enjoy them, I thought I’d give it a go.

For those that don’t know, visual novels are more or less interactive storybooks that you decide the path on which the protagonist goes down. One of the biggest draws to these is the fact that you can play them for a week and find a new storyline every time you play. Of course, I don’t have the attention span for these, and so I tend to look up walkthroughs to get through them and skip all of the grinding and puzzle solving that you usually have to go through to get through one of these.

Explanation aside, once I downloaded the .exe file and booted it, I realized that it was all in Japanese, which I don’t speak despite my best attempts at doing so. And so I had to search online for an English patch for the thing which was no easy task. After a good hour of searching around, I found one on one of the shadiest websites that I have ever seen. Normally, you wouldn’t trust a site like this, as it looked like my computer got the cybernetic equivalent of AIDS just by accessing it. Of course, I was stupid and tired from the search so I disregarded all of the red flags and downloaded it anyways.

The good news is that my computer didn’t get any viruses from it, as I ran it through all of my bad stuff protection before running it, namely Antivirus and Antimalware, which have saved me a few times in the past. Technical part aside, I got the patch installed and the game running. After which the antivirus didn’t alert me to anything malicious so I figured that everything was alright.

That being said, I hit play, and began following the path that the anime went down to see how that differed from the source material. About thirty minutes into the journey, I came across a memorable scene from the anime, where the young teacher of the hero was attacked by demonic wolves and was killed before the hero was able to save her. Now, this was the turning point for the hero, as he finally gained his resolve from her death, and went on the journey to fight the demon lord.

The teacher was my favorite in the show given that she was actually well written when compared to the other characters. The hero was a generic “I will save the world” type of guy, while the priestess was more of a motherly healer type of girl. Magician was on the pursuit of the ultimate magic, etc. This character though, actually had a depth to her, and she was the hero’s teacher because she was the only one that casted magic the same way that the hero did, as she didn’t require to draw out a complex magical circle as the catalyst for the magic, but rather was able to use her inner magic to draw one out in the air instead. Of course, if she did draw it out, after use it didn’t disappear like it usually did when other people used the magic.

But the giant digression aside, I saw this happen and I placed my hand on the screen, wishing there were some way to save her. Of course, the oddest thing happened, my screen felt like plastic wrap and my hand began to make it stretch inwards. Slightly bewildered, I decided to see how this would turn out, as the screen used to be pure glass since this was a monitor that I picked up off the side of a road. Well, my hand finally broke through and I felt wind blow across my fingers, making me quite shocked.

The next thing I felt was something grab onto my hand as hard as it could, so I began to pull my hand back as hard as I could, afraid that something was about to pull it in and eat it or something. I wasn’t sure at the time what it could have been, but I was terrified about what might have happened to my hand, as it was my dominant hand and losing it would be a horrible experience. That being said, the thing that held onto my hand had it in an iron grip, and wouldn’t let go.

I managed to pull out my hand, and with it, I found a girl holding onto it for dear life. At this point I realized what had happened: I reached into that scene, and pulled her out of it, thereby saving her life… probably. At this point, she was pulled out up to her collar, and so I immediately grabbed her arms with both hands and pulled on her as hard as I could to bring her the rest of the way.  It wasn’t easy, as it felt as if she was being pulled the other way, so I had to stand on my monitor and lift with my legs to pull her the rest of the way out. As for why I did this, I don’t know. It was more of a spur of the moment type of deal. That being said, after she came out, I flew back and hit the wall due to the sudden release of force.

The good news is that nothing was broken. The bad news is that I have a half naked girl in my arms, holding on to me for dear life.  Normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing, but considering that I’m 20 and haven’t had a girlfriend yet, my parents would be quite confused to come home to find her in my room fully clothed. What should I do now?

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