James 8

James awoke with a start. He experienced the dive off a building that got him into this situation in the first place in his dreams. he noted the cold sweat that covered his body, and shook his head. That felt like another lifetime than this one here. At least now he had something of a purpose. He decided to leave the armor in the room, hoping to ditch it, as he wasn’t sure if he could even sell it, and the sword didn’t have any distinguishing marks on it, other than the handle which had an insignia on it. He had been working on scratching it off, and had been about halfway successful, but the distinctive shape of it may just give it away. He just sighed and figured he’d have to bluff his way through this like he had before. James made sure to leave the room unlocked, so that if the armor did get stolen, then it would be one less thing to worry about.

He ate the meal provided by the inn, and began to leave, searching for the nearest shop to go and pawn off his sword. He figured that someone might be willing to trade for something else like a sharp dagger or a spear, as he wasn’t any good with swords from what his experience was with training. It took him a good hour of walking down different streets before he had come across something at least resembling a metalworking shop. He walked through the doors to find a rhythmic banging sound from the back room. He began to look around to try and see if he could find anything that could catch his eye. Lots of swords, spears, and axes hung from the walls from hooks, each looking quite well crafted. Within a case along the counter he found the knives and daggers, almost giving the feeling of a pawn shop back on earth.

After a few minutes of browsing along the walls, but not yet feeling anything that caught his eyes, he heard someone from behind him say, “ya know, if yer looking for a weapon, those don’t fit you.”

He felt like he jumped out of his skin, and had a near heart attack before spinning around. He spotted a short, yet stout woman behind the counter watching him with a bemused look on her face.

“Sorry about that, I saw you looking through all of them swords and thought it didn’t suit your build. you seem more of the sneaky type rather than the slashy type. I’ve seen plenty around and can get a good feel for it with how long I’ve been at this.” she continued.

The clanging from the back had finally died down, and a man just as tall and stout as she walked into the front stating, “Dess, have you seen my…” before seeing James and getting surprised. “Oh, a customer. Sorry about that, I get so caught up with my forging and I get to a space where no matter of calling gets me to snap out of it.” he said with a soot covered grin. The man had a long black beard with a bald head. The wrinkles on his face showed that he was quite a jovial person and was prone to smiling.

“It’s no problem. I was just looking around, trying to see if anything catches my eye. Oh, and can you take this?” he said, holding out his sword.

The smith took it, examining the blade closely, “I see this has been well maintained and loved. However, this is an imperial sword right? one that has been used for quite some time if the pommel is anything to go by I assume you inherited this from your parents before realizing that this wasn’t for you. Of course, this is the story you want to go with, right?”

This caught James off guard. “Wha…?” he muttered aloud

“Honey, how long do yeh think we’ve been running this store?” asked the woman with a smile. “I’m sure we’ve gott’n that excuse about 15 times since the start of this”

“Look, I know it’s discouraging being a guard, but you’ll be fine.” said the blacksmith “though, you were smart to not bring your armor. that’s something a bit taboo among us blacksmiths. I think that the last bloke who brought it in got arrested. Something about misappropriation of government property or something like that. These swords, however are a bit different. They are more or less normal swords once you change out the pommel, the very thing that gave you away. Normally they wouldn’t be so damaged without the rest of it being in about the same shape, and so I’ll take the sword, however, I’ll be asking you to go back and continue training. Can you promise me that son?”

Hearing this, James thought and deliberated on whether he should lie or not. Thinking about how they saw right through him, however, he decided against lying, as they would probably see through that too.

“No.” James finally stated after a moment, shaking his head. “I’m not going back, sorry for disappointing you like this.”

The blacksmith just smiled, and looked at the woman beside him, whom just rolled her eyes.

“well lad, at least you know that honesty will get you farther than a white lie.”  said the blacksmith, turning back to James. “I guess I can’t let you go unarmed, so come choose a knife. It’ll fit you better than this.”

He walked over to the cabinet with James in tow. He gestured to the knives lying in the case as he opened the top, and just watched as James looked through the display.

He saw many beautiful knives, almost like works of art. The blades were all shades of the rainbow, including a blade that looked like a rainbow, but yet none of these caught his gut’s attention. He moved towards the next shelf, but still no luck. The bottom shelf, however, he found one in the far corner that just felt… right. James leaned over and grabbed the hilt and pulled it out to display it to the smith.

“That’s a good knife. It’s one of the few I forged out of dragon’s bone and mithril. Seems to me that you have a good eye for these things” he mentioned, taking the knife from James.

“I just felt it… calling to me almost…” James admitted, deep in thought. This caused the smith to pause, but only for a moment, before continuing back into the room that he emerged from. James heard shuffling, a clang, some cursing, before he emerged from the back room again carrying the knife within a sheath before passing it back to James.

“Take good care of it, as there aren’t many that can fix it. It took me a good 2 hours that one did.” said the smith, looking assured in himself. “The sheath is made of the same material.”

James was absorbed in the knife’s features, looking at the black hilt, leading to an elegant blade. James finally pulled himself away from the knife, only to turn to the smith.

“Thank you.” James said. “I’m grateful for this, I feel like it’s worth more than my life.”

The smith simply smirked and began to explain, “Well, that would be true, however, that blade isn’t awake yet. It requires a person to connect to it, in order to start waking up. That blade, because it was made with both dragon bone and mithril can be considered living, and it will grow so long as you use it. However, do keep in mind that it must awaken first, and each blade requires something different to wake.”

he paused for a moment, but then continued, “I don’t know why I decided to give you that knife honestly, but it feels like you were born to have that knife. I pour my soul into each and every one of my creations, and considering that it just fit you so well, I guess it would be awful of me to keep it from you. That being said, I give you this one last piece of advice before you go. Listen to the knife. It will tell you what it needs.”

After that, the blacksmith stroked his beard with a jovial laugh, and then walked back to that room without another word. the lady whom had been silent for all that time finally spoke again after the old man had left. “I don’t know why my husband gave you that, but you’d best be careful now dear. You can use the knife, but you’d best not let it carry you. Take this and be on your way.”

She passed over a bottle of oil, as well as a simple metal knife before disappearing behind a curtain leading to another room.

James looked at the other knife, and back at the curtain, but the woman didn’t return. He nodded to himself and secured the knives to his belt before walking out of the store. After doing so, he turned back to look at the shop one last time, realizing that he had forgotten to thank the woman, only to find that the shop had vanished, replaced by a simple home. Puzzled by this, James pulled up his pants and began to look for a place to eat.

He was hungry.

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James 7

“Halt” was the first thing that he heard from the guard in front of the city. “what’s an imperial guard doing away from his post”

James immediately regretted wearing that armor into the city, as it was obviously an imperial armor and sword on his waist. he wasn’t sure exactly how to explain it so as to make sure the guard would let him through, as he wasn’t sure how things really worked for the soldiers when they left for their homes. James decided to try and at least say something in order to make it through, and so he said, “well, I’m going home to see my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and managed to get some leave.”

The guard looked skeptical at this, and then stood back a little, so as to think about the situation before stating, “Well, normally, I’d question why you still have your armor, but considering the increase of monsters in the area, I guess they’re not going to just let you off without any protection. However, do you have your ID card on you? I can’t let you in without it.”

“Here.” James handed out the small card that they gave him about 2 days before he made his decision to leave.

The guard took it, examined its front and back, and held it to the sun. after doing so, he handed it back to James and said with a smile, “well, that settles that, go head in. Hopefully you find your family well enough.”

“Thanks” James replied before starting to walk through the gate. The city was bustling and noisy, with several merchants calling out for customers to try their wares. slowly making his way through the crowd, he began to look at the several shops that lined the road. They were written in the strange language of the world, but yet, he was able to understand it just fine somehow.

He walked over to the first inn he saw, figuring that getting a room would be the best way to start his journey. When he walked in and asked for a room, however, the receptionist stated that they were booked, even with the stables, and that he would need to try another inn. They were kind enough to point him towards another one on the other end of town. After thanking the receptionist, he left and began walking over based on the instructions that he was given.

James almost got lost along the way, as he missed a few turns and had to backtrack.

[It was almost like an electronics store on black friday…]

he reminisced, smirking to himself. After an hour of searching, he finally stumbled across the building he was looking for. He walked into the building and found that the place only had one or two people sitting at the 8 or 9 tables that were set up throughout the front, all which were made of a nice red wood, with chairs of the same material. there was a door on the far wall that more than likely was the kitchen, given the stairwell to his left. he walked up to the receptionist desk, and saw a sign that said, “ring the bell for service.”

[How quaint]

James smirked at that and rang the bell and waited whilst looking around the room. There was an old man drinking out of a tankard, the silver of the metal matching the long hair on his head. There was also a lean female with golden hair talking with him in a hushed tone, quiet enough that he couldn’t hear anything that they said. on the other end of the room, near the kitchen was a stout man, feasting with gusto on some type of meal. Other than those three, the room was empty and quiet. James picked up the bell and began to examine it, when an older woman appeared from behind a door on the other side of the reception desk saying, “sorry about the wait, we are a bit lacking on kitchen staff today. how can I help you?” James panicked slightly and fumbled the bell in his hands for a few seconds, before placing it back on the desk with a ding.

The woman only raised an eyebrow at the reaction, but said nothing else.

“ah yes, I was hoping that you had a vacancy here.” said James, “the other inn was filled to the brim, and the man at the front desk recommended this one to me.”

“Are you talking about Takeshi? Since he sent you, you must be at least somewhat decent with manners rather than the usual rabble that come by, as guards aren’t always the best with that. always so straightforward without thinking about what their words and actions do. You won’t disappoint my expectations, will you?” said the attendant

“N-no. I won’t.” James stumbled over his words, as he wasn’t expecting that she would start ranting about that.

“Good.” she said with a smirk in a tone that just oozed with self-satisfaction.

She dropped the smirk and said in a more serious tone, “we have plenty of rooms on the second and third floors, fourth floor is for staff only.” she paused, and gave him a once over, before continuing, “Given how you look, I’d say you’re more of a second floor type of person rather than a third floor.”

James was taken aback at this, as she wasn’t giving him a chance to speak at all. He tried to speak, “well yes, tha-”

She cut him off, “It’s 5 large coppers per night, how many nights are you staying?”

He smirked at how she mentioned manners, but yet had none for him. He replied, “I’ll be staying for two nights.” before taking a small silver coin out of his wallet and setting it on the desk in front of her.

She immediately grabbed the coin and placed a key in its place, before saying, “dinner is at sundown, and breakfast is an hour after sunrise. Those aren’t included in the cost for the room, and are an additional 5 small coppers.”

James nodded to this and took the key, noting his room number, before putting it into his wallet with the rest of his coins.

He thanked her, and began to head up the stairs to his room. He was wanting to rest a bit in an actual bed, thinking that he would find it easier to take care of shopping tomorrow.

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James 3.5

They took him to a strange crystal the day afterwards, one that was a milky white that had a kind of… aura? He wasn’t sure, but he figured that’d be a good way to put it. That aside, he noted that the room was almost made completely from what looked like marble. Elise soon walked in afterwards and began to explain, “This is a mana crystal. It’s used to awaken the mana and attributes that lie within you.”

“Mana? Magic? I don’t-” James said before getting cut off by a guardsman to his right. It was an older man in around his 40s.

“You’ll understand soon enough. Please place your hand against the crystal.” He said abruptly.

“Klaus, it’s quite rude to interrupt.” Elise snapped, cheeks puffed.

James sighed, and shook his head. This reminded him of when his friend and girlfriend were bickering. Pushing that aside, he walked up to the crystal and firmly placed his palm on the center of it. After doing so, he felt a warm feeling move through his body for a few seconds, before it faded. The crystal, on the other hand, didn’t do anything.

Unsure of what he should do, James kept his hand on the crystal, and turned his head to the two behind him.

“was that all I needed to do?” He asked

“But, it didn’t…” Elise began to say, but trailed off before she was able to say much. The look on her face was about as confused as it was concerned.

“Could it be?” The guard to her left, different than Klaus said.

“Aye lad. Looks like he’s going to be training with us here soon. Also, talk to me in my office when we get back.” Klaus said to that guard, slapping him on his shoulder with a threatening smile on his face. The nameless guard stiffened with a look of fear upon hearing this.

Hearing this, James was confused. “Can anyone explain what’s going on, or are you just going to leave me in the dark about what’s going on?” he questioned.

“Well lad, the crystal didn’t shine any other colors, so it means that you’re like the rest of us normal folks.” Klaus verbally jabbed.

“Well- it’s not the first time this has happened, but…” Elise muttered, still trapped in her own world.

“Oi, Lassie. You need to explain to ‘im about this. I already said everything I know about that.”

“Eh?” Elise snapped from her thoughtful stupor before explaining,”Oh yes, so the magic crystal would show up any number of colors to signify what magic attributes that you are able to use, however, as yours did not change, you must not be able to use any magicks. Most heroes have awoken one, or even all of them, but there has been one before that had the same result as you.”

“But I felt something warm enter my body when I touched the crystal…” said James, noticing that his palm was still firmly on the crystal’s surface. He then pulled it away and began massaging it with his other hand. “Was that mana?”

“Well, yes. all beings are able to use mana to do basic spells such as Cleansing and spark. Both of which are considered to be life magic, something everyone is able to do.” explained Elise with a kind voice. “We will be glad to teach you about these, but you will be put into practice with our knights under Klaus so that way you can train your body.”

James simply nodded in understanding. In his mind, cursing his luck, as things like this are always the case for him. He winced at the memories that came flooding into his mind, but quickly pushed them down and shook it off.

“Well, let’s get started shall we?” said James, who put on a fake smile to not worry the young priestess.

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James 6

It had been a week of travelling through the wilderness. James had been trying to just forget everything and just move forward without thinking of much, as everything he did wrong might come back through his head if he didn’t keep his mind blank. He didn’t sleep much, maybe only a 20 minute nap every few hours, so as to avoid getting eaten by the wolves or attacked by the gremlins and goblins that are throughout the woods and plains that he traveled through. It was exhausting at first, but the more that he got used to it, the more his body began to sleep better.

The biggest downside is the fact that he was starting to run out of food and potions. He ran out of rations about 2 days ago, and was purely subsisting on meat from the beasts that tried to attack him. Of course, no matter how hungry he was, he would never eat a goblin, as those things are revolting, no matter how you slice it, not to mention, that there wasn’t any meat on them at all. Goblins are almost all skin and bones. Meanwhile the potions, he wasn’t sure how they were made. It might be some sort of magic or something close to it.

Food and potions aside, he was sleeping under trees, wrapped in a thick wool blanket, at least, he thought it was wool. He wasn’t sure what the animal it was made from was a sheep, alpaca, or what have you; all he did know is that it was warm, and it probably saved his life from frostbite or things of the like.

James put those thoughts aside and packed away his things, and put away his maintenance gear into it’s pouch, which he found was almost empty from continuous use, and began packing away his things in other pockets in the pack that he is carrying on his back, as it was about time for him to continue moving. After securing everything to him firmly, he began to continue his trek through the forest, hoping to come out of it sooner rather than later.

As he was walking, he remembered back to when he was a boy scout, something that he attributes to being able to live this long. He remembered the time he was climbing a mountain with the friends he used to have, and how he just didn’t stop pushing forward while going up and down that mountain. he smirked and thought that it was pretty similar to his situation now. Trying to ignore everything and just keep moving forward.





After a few more hours of travelling, he managed to finally get out of the woods, and finally saw a city in the distance. Sighing to himself, he finally felt like his time sleeping uncomfortably was coming to an end.

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James 5

He made it back to his room and grabbed his few meagre belongings, and packed them up, making sure that they all were secured tightly before putting them on his back and wrote a note to the castle so as to have them not worry. He figured that they would anyways, but it was enough to put his mind at some sort of ease, or that’s at least what he told himself.

He walked to the walls of the castle and into the armory before putting his training weapon back and grabbed a real sword from the racks. There was a guy guarding the room, but he was fast asleep, making this easy to do. After getting the hand-and-a-half sword and strapping it to his belt, he left quietly and headed towards the top of the wall. The gates were closed during the nights, and so he figured that this was the easiest way to do it. He reached the top, then he took one of his two packed bundles of rope and tied it to the castle wall, before climbing down it.

Unfortunately, as he soon discovered, the rope was about 5 feet short of reaching the ground, so he had to jump the rest of the way. It didn’t hurt him nearly as bad as he thought it would, so he shrugged off the slight pain from the landing and began to venture out into the fields surrounding the castle. He had enough rations for two weeks, so he figured that he would have to find something else to replace it soon enough.

As he was walking away, about five minutes out, he paused and looked back at the castle. It looked the same as it always had, with lights on in some windows, some without. Guards pacing about, not paying attention to their surroundings, the same as always. At this he nodded his head and acknowledged that he was better off not hindering them anymore, as he was just a useless sack of meat that was unable to understand simple instructions.

Turning back around, he began to continue walking forwards towards the woods eastwards, as this was the quickest way to get to the battlefield rather than waste time elsewhere. He figured that he should at least do this for them, as this was the only reason he was even still breathing.

He continued walking through the woods at a moderate pace. It was quite peaceful once you get past the inherent fear of walking through a dark woods. Normally, people would be hard pressed to get through the woods at night, but James had extraordinary night vision, which he considered to be his one good trait.

In the previous life, he had great vision as a child, but given the electronic media that ran rampant through his life, it didn’t last, and so he had to wear glasses to fix it. Here, however, those potions and magic had returned his sight to normal, a blessing, sure, but what good does it do him?

After a few hours of walking, he finally came across a river of water just as he was getting thirsty. He had drank through his canteen and was starting to regret taking such big gulps. He refilled his canteen and casted a cleansing magic on it, one of the few spells he could cast he found, before sitting on a nearby downed tree and drinking out of it. The sun was starting to rise, and he knew that the castle would soon find his note. He was starting to get tired, as casting that simple magic always drains him immensely, and so he drank one of his mana potions that he had in his pouch and continued walking away, figuring that the more distance between him and his mistakes, the better.

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James chapter 4

It’s been about a month since he started to train with the other knights, but he was finding it hard to keep himself motivated. The other knights had incredible stamina and were able to do a thousand more drills than he was able to, not to mention that he didn’t understand the techniques that the knights were trying to teach him.

He thought he understood it, and was practicing it the way he thought they described it, but when the monthly sparring took place, it was as if he was just a child swinging a stick with reckless abandon.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t one of the older knights with years of training, but rather, the new cadets that had about two months of training under their belt compared to his one that had gone to waste.

When he started the fight with a bit of confidence that he learned at least enough to be able to fight them on somewhat equal grounds, it blew up in his face.

His footwork was wrong, his grip was bad, he didn’t do the correct angles, and so on.

He wanted to give up on this whole endeavor as he couldn’t help but feel it wasn’t going to even work.

The only thing that kept him going was the daily visits from that priestess. She just seemed to always have a sparkle in her eye that couldn’t help but be marvelled at.

Personally, even though it had only been a month, he was in better shape than he ever had been in during his 24 years of life so far. Of course, that wasn’t saying much. He had to go through high school PE classes after all.

That aside, he sat in his bed, sighing about everything that ran through his head.

I’m just worthless

He heard ringing through his mind.

I’m just going to mess this up like i did with everything else, killing everyone in the process.

Those words just kept flashing through his head over and over again. Screaming for him to just leave this place and find a hole somewhere to lie in.

This, paired with the mistakes he had made before… it was just too much. So he got up and put on his training clothes again to go whack at the dummies again.

The field was empty, and the lights were all out for the night, but he began to go and hack away at the dummies to chase away the thoughts going through his head, or if nothing else, make his head empty.

Eventually, he lost track of time and just focused on attacking the bundle of straw in front of him with force rather than technique, trying to ignore the light echoes in the far back of his mind.

An hour passed of him just smacking the dummy before his hands started to bleed from the strain and lack of defined calluses.

Plopping on the ground, panting hard, he felt a cool breeze blow across his face as he looked into the stars.

The galaxies were beautiful, but there were too many to look for the constellations he was used to.

As he was lying there, resting a bit, he heard light footsteps from behind him, which were just barely louder than the crickets in the wilderness surrounding the asleep city.

He decided on closing his eyes and just waiting for them to pass him by, but unfortunately they stopped near his side, before he heard a plop right next to him, as if someone else were lying on the ground next to him.

Curious, he opened his eyes, and looked next to him to find a woman in a dark purple dress lying in the grass about two feet away. Shrugging this off, he began to pack up his training stuff for the morning afterwards, as he figured that he would be trained just as hard as he always was.

He began to think that he should just leave the castle and begin his journey. He already fucked up the training anyways, so why bother sticking around? He remembered hearing that there was a guild for adventurers in most towns and they would probably be the way to go, as he could just start over somewhere else, working his way up to dealing with the demon lord.

And since the priestess had a magic slip of paper that would tell them if he was dead, it’s not like she would need to follow him around anyways. He didn’t care anymore. He just wanted to leave.

Making up his mind, he drank the healing potion that he had to heal his injuries and picked up his training bag, ready to go back to his room when he remembered about the strange woman lying on the ground.

He looked at her and said, “hey, you might want to go back into wherever you came from. It may be a castle, but you never know what might happen.” Before walking away back to his room.


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James chapter 3

The shrine maiden Elise, upon hearing this, perked up and said,

“The hero is supposed to go and fight against the armies of the Demon Lord and eventually defeat the demon lord himself. Afterwards we will return the Hero to his home world with anything he desires as a thank you to them.”

Upon hearing this, James thinks about it and solemnly states,

“well, if i do accept this, don’t bother sending me back. No one’s waiting for me there anyways. And besides, that world was awful anyways, so i might as well start over here.”

There was a look of confusion across Elise’s face as she heard this, but James just brushed it off and began to stand from the bed. He felt better now than he had in years and figured it was a good time to get up and moving.

After he got up and stretched, he heard the shrine maiden behind him stumble over her words as she studdered, “w-w-well, i guess we could do that. It’s the first time any hero has ever requested something like this from us so it’s a bit of a shock to me.”

This riddled James in an odd way. He turned and looked back at Elise with an eyebrow raised and muttered, “first time? What do you mean first time?”

“All of our heroes requested to be returned home after they were finished. At least, that’s what all the records have said…” she said, voice fading near the end as he goes into thought.

Shrugging this off, he looks at the knights around him and says to the one with a moustache, “well, when does my training start? I can’t fight demons like this can i?”

Hearing this, the shrine maiden jumped up with sparkles in her eyes and excitedly says, “Does that mean you’ll help us?”

Sighing in his heart at the girl that is excitable as a small puppy, he says, “yeah. I guess it does.”

James hoped that this would go better than most things he had done before.

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James chapter 2

James awoke in a bed with a pounding headache and an empty stomach. Groaning, he began to sit up on the bed he was on.

Immediately after this point he heard a woman shout, “he awoke” out into the hallway, which did wonders for the pains in his head. He cursed his luck.

Shortly after the girl from before rushed into the room, followed by 3 knights. A look of concern heavily on her face.

“Thank the gods you’re alright.” She said, “Our healer said that you were heavily poisoned and almost died.”

“Maybe so, but i guess i’m still alive.” James replied, “can i get some water? My head is killing me.”

Immediately after the words left his mouth, the maid from earlier brought over a tray filled with foods and a cup of water. Namely bread and what looked like an apple.

Drinking the glass, his headache was fixed immediately, which was odd. Usually the headache lasted for longer. Brushing that aside, he began eating the bread. Figuring it was better than nothing. Usually hospital food was better, but he wasn’t going to complain.

The girl looked at him eating and asked him, “what caused you to be poisoned so badly? We’re sure it wasn’t the summoning ritual, as that has no relation to poisons at all.”

He didn’t even flinch and replied, “don’t worry about it. It wasn’t important in the first place. Just a little accident on my end.”

He said his excuse with practiced precision.

She looked concerned at his reply but didn’t press him further.

“So who are you anyways?” James said, taking a bite from an apple.

“I’m shrine maiden Elise. I was ordered by the King to summon a hero from another world before it was too late and we were overrun by the demons.” She earnestly replied.

Hearing this, he simply nodded his head and continued to eat. Several questions entered his mind, but he decided against asking them at the moment.

After finishing the apple whole, and tossing the stems away, the princess spoke again, “so sir hero, are you willing to help us?”

He looked at her and found it odd. It seemed as if her eyes were sparkling, almost as if her eyes had a tub of glitter poured into them. He paused for a minute to think this over before asking an important question he had yet to have answered.

“I understand that i’m supposed to be this hero or whatever, but what does that even entail?”

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James Chapter 1

“Save us sir hero! You’re our last hope”

That was the dream James had been having for the past week. Oddly enough, he never did dream, so having the same one appear again and again was a strange experience to him. He couldn’t remember what happened inside of the dream, save for that one line.

He shook his head to clear it and begin to start his day anew. He was tired of life at this point. He had been going through the motions day in and day out but what for? The world was going downhill faster than anyone was willing to fix it. He was tired of everything that happened around him, and of being rejected by jobs, lovers, and friends.

He was tired of it all and just wanted it all to end.

He decided that enough was enough weeks ago and already was enacting his plan.

He had dropped out of college the week before, and given all of his things to his one good friend before going dark for a week.

Today was the day he was going to see what was on the other side, whether it be heaven, hell, nirvana, or whatever else was in store.

He broke onto the roof of a building, and opened the bottles of alcohol and pain killers that he brought with him, before pouring the both of them down his throat.

After giving it two minutes, he walked onto the edge of the building, and looked down. There were hundreds of cars and people on this street, but none of that mattered anymore.

He closed his eyes and leaned forwards…











But he never did hit the ground.











He opened his eyes, and he found himself in a strange room filled with marble pillars and flooring.

“It looks like it was successful” he heard some man say.

He was confused. He was supposed to be dead. Why was he still breathing?

He looked around and found that he was surrounded by knights in armor and a young girl of about 16? 17? He wasn’t sure, but thought she looked familiar.

She began to speak to him, “For a long time, we have been under siege from the demons under the Demon Lord. He has plundered and murdered countless towns and villages, and we have no more means to stop him, no matter what we’ve tried. Save us sir hero! You’re our last hope.”

He was about to say something but immediately began vomiting onto the ground. His head was aching and he felt his body begin to shut down before finally fainting.

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A Weird Dream I had.

Not a story post, but a story nonetheless. I thought that you’d find it interesting.

a few nights back, I had a dream.

in it, was an interesting scenario.

I digress.

I was in a warehouse talking to a bunch of people over a dinner table about stupid things, when I was told about how the guy who owned the place had an actual functioning batmobile on one of the metal stands in the area, which I immediately went over to see.

I climbed up the latter, which was a story high, and reached the platform that had it on it. it was a beautiful rendition of the Tim Burton’s batmobile, but as I was admiring it, a weird tank thing burst through the doors, and drove up the incline leading into the room. afterwards, the tank flashed a big spotlight looking thing at everyone still at the table, whom haven’t moved oddly enough. the light ended up getting blocked by the vehicle itself, as it was slanted, so the vehicle just ran them over.

seeing this, I somehow knew instinctively that the light they shined would have made the people at the table disintegrate for some strange reason. that being said, I carefully snuck out of the room and made a run for my house, as the car I drove there would have definitely attracted their attention

-or so was my thought process-

but I ran all the way home, (which cut out in the middle due to the length of the run most likely), and found my parents just standing in the yard, almost as if they were going inside, but stopped to talk or something of the like. I thought it was odd at the time, but I just kept going anyways.

I immediately explained that aliens attacked, and destroyed the car (lie), so I had to run home away from them.

a few hours pass after we go inside (as far as I can tell), and my mom calls me over. she handed me a weird remote looking thing and says something odd. I don’t remember what it was, but I immediately knew that she was being mind controlled by (presumably) the aliens. I took the thing, which I assumed was a transmitter of some kind and put it in my pocket for safekeeping.

after this, I heard that a rescue for earth was coming to a stadium near the house, So I began running once more.

the run wasn’t too long, and while I was almost there, I saw a large blimp with MST3K playing on it. it wasn’t the old one, but the new one. That being said, I ran into the building and saw an alien that was my friend or something. I don’t know why, but when I saw him, i just knew he was a friend for some inexplicable reason.

Afterwards, all the humans gathered up, and began to disappear.

after this, I woke up.

i do wonder what happened next…


sorry about there being no posts, as I have a lot of work to do with my college calculus class, and so I can’t really write. I am trying to do it though, but it’s not easy without my laptop.

I really messed it up by trying to install something other than windows on it, so it’s basically dead to the world.

best regards