James chapter 3

The shrine maiden Elise, upon hearing this, perked up and said,

“The hero is supposed to go and fight against the armies of the Demon Lord and eventually defeat the demon lord himself. Afterwards we will return the Hero to his home world with anything he desires as a thank you to them.”

Upon hearing this, James thinks about it and solemnly states,

“well, if i do accept this, don’t bother sending me back. No one’s waiting for me there anyways. And besides, that world was awful anyways, so i might as well start over here.”

There was a look of confusion across Elise’s face as she heard this, but James just brushed it off and began to stand from the bed. He felt better now than he had in years and figured it was a good time to get up and moving.

After he got up and stretched, he heard the shrine maiden behind him stumble over her words as she studdered, “w-w-well, i guess we could do that. It’s the first time any hero has ever requested something like this from us so it’s a bit of a shock to me.”

This riddled James in an odd way. He turned and looked back at Elise with an eyebrow raised and muttered, “first time? What do you mean first time?”

“All of our heroes requested to be returned home after they were finished. At least, that’s what all the records have said…” she said, voice fading near the end as he goes into thought.

Shrugging this off, he looks at the knights around him and says to the one with a moustache, “well, when does my training start? I can’t fight demons like this can i?”

Hearing this, the shrine maiden jumped up with sparkles in her eyes and excitedly says, “Does that mean you’ll help us?”

Sighing in his heart at the girl that is excitable as a small puppy, he says, “yeah. I guess it does.”

James hoped that this would go better than most things he had done before.

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