A Weird Dream I had.

Not a story post, but a story nonetheless. I thought that you’d find it interesting.

a few nights back, I had a dream.

in it, was an interesting scenario.

I digress.

I was in a warehouse talking to a bunch of people over a dinner table about stupid things, when I was told about how the guy who owned the place had an actual functioning batmobile on one of the metal stands in the area, which I immediately went over to see.

I climbed up the latter, which was a story high, and reached the platform that had it on it. it was a beautiful rendition of the Tim Burton’s batmobile, but as I was admiring it, a weird tank thing burst through the doors, and drove up the incline leading into the room. afterwards, the tank flashed a big spotlight looking thing at everyone still at the table, whom haven’t moved oddly enough. the light ended up getting blocked by the vehicle itself, as it was slanted, so the vehicle just ran them over.

seeing this, I somehow knew instinctively that the light they shined would have made the people at the table disintegrate for some strange reason. that being said, I carefully snuck out of the room and made a run for my house, as the car I drove there would have definitely attracted their attention

-or so was my thought process-

but I ran all the way home, (which cut out in the middle due to the length of the run most likely), and found my parents just standing in the yard, almost as if they were going inside, but stopped to talk or something of the like. I thought it was odd at the time, but I just kept going anyways.

I immediately explained that aliens attacked, and destroyed the car (lie), so I had to run home away from them.

a few hours pass after we go inside (as far as I can tell), and my mom calls me over. she handed me a weird remote looking thing and says something odd. I don’t remember what it was, but I immediately knew that she was being mind controlled by (presumably) the aliens. I took the thing, which I assumed was a transmitter of some kind and put it in my pocket for safekeeping.

after this, I heard that a rescue for earth was coming to a stadium near the house, So I began running once more.

the run wasn’t too long, and while I was almost there, I saw a large blimp with MST3K playing on it. it wasn’t the old one, but the new one. That being said, I ran into the building and saw an alien that was my friend or something. I don’t know why, but when I saw him, i just knew he was a friend for some inexplicable reason.

Afterwards, all the humans gathered up, and began to disappear.

after this, I woke up.

i do wonder what happened next…


sorry about there being no posts, as I have a lot of work to do with my college calculus class, and so I can’t really write. I am trying to do it though, but it’s not easy without my laptop.

I really messed it up by trying to install something other than windows on it, so it’s basically dead to the world.

best regards


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