Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 11

Hey guys, it’s been about three weeks.

I guess I should explain what has happened within that time.

Well, as you might have guessed, she showed up soon after I had posted that last post, and so I guess she was just biding her time.

That aside, she really is pregnant, and was really excited for it, though, she kept laughing to herself and muttering something about “our child” to herself on the trip back to the bunker, which is what I’m going to call it from now on.

Anyways, she showed up in the doorway of the library, staring at me cautiously, as if staring at a cat that is about to run, which was fair. Every time I had seen her previously, I had bolted, sometimes through actual windows. And so, I just smiled and waved, hoping that she understood my intentions. At this, she waddled over with a smile. Of course, I say waddle since that was the best way that I can describe it, since it wasn’t quite a walk.

Anyways, we didn’t say anything to each other, she just held out her hand with a smile, and I took it and just was led away by her into a car. It was a long drive, I said nothing, and she didn’t either. I guess that was because she was waiting for me to say something, much as I was waiting for her to say something as well. The silence was quite odd, and there was a barrier that existed between us. It didn’t seem like an actual barrier, but it certainly felt like it from the tension in the air.

I would have talked to her, but I didn’t know what to say.

Would you?

That aside, I do have to admit that after awhile, I ended up falling asleep, as we were on the road for awhile, and I just couldn’t keep going with all of the boring forests that we were driving by.

But when I woke up, we arrived at the place. It was a bit nerve wracking since this was the place I was held prisoner half a year ago, but now, I’m coming back willingly.

As I was staring at it with apprehension, she began getting things out of the car. I turned to help her, realizing that it was the stuff from the place I was staying at the time she picked me up.

I would like to say that I was surprised, but at the same time, I actually was half expecting something like that to happen. I offered to take my bags in, but she quickly denied that and just told me to head in and make myself at home.  But, because she was pregnant, I walked over and took my bags anyways, and told her, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to run anymore.”

With this, we walked inside, and I was led into a room with a queen sized bed, a side table with a lamp on it, a desk, and a ceiling fan that had the lights on the middle of it. At the desk was the replacement computer that I used to write the first post after my first one went kablooey. After looking for awhile, I realized that some of the furniture looked familiar for some reason. On closer inspection, and a bit of thinking, I realized that the room looked just like my old room did…

I found it eerie, but I figured that it would be easier for me to settle in due to nostalgia. Even so, just being in the room was quite difficult, as it reminded me of my late parents. Honestly, I sat down on the bed, and just broke down.

I don’t know how long I cried, as I kept passing out and waking up and just starting to cry again. It took me about three days to finally work it all out. It was nice though; she gave me my space, and ended up dropping off food and water while I slept. This time though, it wasn’t drugged, and so it was able to be some of the comfort that I needed. She did come in during the second day and just sat on my bed next to me. She didn’t say anything; she just sat there quietly and just rubbed my back. It’s funny how much I needed that, as it helped me start to feel grounded and less chaotic.

Frankly, I just needed to get everything out of my system. I emerged from the room on the third day, dehydrated, exhausted, but a lot more stable than I was before I went into the room. Of course, as soon as I came out, she ushered me to the table and served me food. It was a small serving, but it had a lot of the food groups. She didn’t have any of the food in front of her, as she just stared at me intensely, whilst I ate my food. After I finished up, that serving, she took my tableware and put it in the sink before coming and sitting back down across from me.

This is when the talk begins.

Now, I’ll continue this in another post since this one is getting pretty long.

sorry about the delay


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