Traveler – Chapter 3

So I went to the world, or I should say, tried to. The reason that I wasn’t able to is because of the barrier around it. What I didn’t realize was the fact that my traveling ability wasn’t all powerful (yet), so I appeared in the classic scene with other people getting summoned to another world. Honestly, it felt pretty weird since I didn’t see the main character standing there with me, and since there was about thirty people instead of just four others besides me. Needless to say, I realized my predicament. I heard the entire talk about the world being in trouble of the threat of some demons, and they summoned heroes to save them. It’s the usual thing that I’ve read and heard about a thousand times since, but at that point, I thought it was novel, and decided to help them out.

The first thing I learned was that I couldn’t use magic. Apparently the genie took the magical abilities that I should’ve had and transferred them over to my defense, so instead of being able to cast magic, I’m basically a human sized wall, which the captains that were told to train us learned very quickly. So, I talked to the magicians about it, and they said that I had a lot of magic power inside of me, but I couldn’t use it at all no matter how hard I tried. Since then, I’ve learned that using magic tires you out whether you want it to or not, and so my defense blocked it from use to protect me from using it, but it’s not like I need it in the first place.

I digress; it took about a week for me to give up on magic, and to start training in weapons. The good news is that I had all of the weapons that have existed, do exist, and will exist in the future. That being said, I decided to pick the spear to use, which looked pretty shoddy at the start. It honestly looked like a thick tree branch tied to a sharp rock. Not flint or anything, just a rock. I think it was a sharpened piece of gravel or something, but that wasn’t important. The knights offered to give me a better spear than this one, but I chose against it. I figured that I could trust in the weapon since it was my new partner that would stick to me until the time I died, if I did.

That aside, I worked my hind quarters off to learn what the knights taught me. It helped that I didn’t get tired, as I found out that I had an unlimited amount of stamina from my defense. The defense protected me from fatigue as well as actual damage, and so I guess that I worded it perfectly. Of course, that made me excited to test my limits on things. Fast forward to a month later, and I was an actual test dummy for the magic aiming of my pupils and it was pretty fun in my opinion. I could train my cardio, and they could work on their aim. At first they didn’t agree with it, as they were worried about my health, but eventually they agreed when I talked them into it. Of course, walking through the fields as they were casting large scale magic may have helped with that, but that’s beside the point. The main point is, I learned the current limits of my abilities and was able to slowly start to grow them.

It took about two months after becoming a training dummy before the training was complete for the entire group that actually had talent for things, the others I gave trips back to their homes in secret. Of course, this was there to just give myself some training on how to use my traveling power, and it was more or less successful. The first time I did it after coming to that world, it took me an hour to get back. Of course, I accidentally landed in a few places, and crashed through a few roofs as I was working through the kinks, but by the end of it all, I was fully able to use it to the limits of the current abilities.

I think the biggest help to me was the fact that I hadn’t needed to sleep since I got the ability, and didn’t need to sleep afterwards as well. Of course I could sleep if I wanted, but the last time I tried to that I slept for an actual week. Needless to say, I barred myself from sleeping after that unless I literally had to wait for something to happen. In any case, after learning how to use the spear, and using it for about an entire week straight, I’ve got all of the techniques down fully. Of course, after that, all of the excess fat was gone from my body, and I looked really good. I didn’t realize that I was doing it, and figured that I was going to be the same no matter how far I trained, but I guess not. It made me wonder how my defense worked, and that I would have to find out eventually.

That being said, after the training for the spear, I tried to get the training for the most weapons that I could, but wasn’t able to master anything else at the moment. Of course, the weapons all looked quite bad, as the sword that I used had chips all along the blade, and had a shoddy handle as well. The shield that I made turned into a wooden buckler that was splintered in several spots. I digress; I couldn’t do combos like spear and shield or sword and shield, or dual swords. I did like the feeling of the weapon, as it felt like an extension of my hands. It didn’t start that way, but the more I worked with it and swung it around, the more I understood it, and it began to feel right for me. This also applied to any other form that I made it change to for some reason. I guess that it just took a bit for it to resonate or something. Frankly, even now I still don’t understand it, but it is what it is.

That being said, after everyone was trained, we were lead to the forest in teams to do a bit of monster hunting.


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