Don’t Let Her Out – Chapter 5

It’s been awhile, and I’ve done some soul searching recently. I actually went to church for the first time in forever, and it felt strange. I guess I would feel weird since I feel kind of like I’m encroaching on their territory or something like that. Well, the reason I even went is because I’ve been feeling depressed since it was Easter recently, and after seeing kids doing their egg hunts reminded me of my late family. We used to do that with a golden egg that had a dollar in it. I would always find it before my siblings did and it made me feel proud.

Anyways, I digress, Church had a pastor and one of those boxes that you can go into and confess your sins and whatnot, and I talked to the pastor about my situation. I’ve been going it alone for so long, and I don’t have anyone left. My friends are gone, whether dead or just ignoring me, I don’t know, and I’m not going to talk to anymore family. I don’t want to lose them either. Well, the talk with the pastor or preacher (I have no clue what he was) was nice, as it let me get a load off my chest and let me breathe for once. The preacher recommended going to the police, but considering what she did to the last station I went to, I don’t think that’s a good idea anymore. Of course, I didn’t mention that to him, but even so, it still helps a lot.

A short while afterwards, I left there and began walking again. There was a Thrift shop down the road, and my other clothes were beginning to look like rags. That being said, I’m glad that I’m actually able to get these, as it’s been nearly a month since my last shopping trip, and it’s been three since I escaped from her. Thinking back to that, I’m glad that she was such a heavy sleeper, as I’m sure I would still be stuck otherwise. I don’t know really what to do anymore. I can’t check my emails since they’re flooded with love letters from her, and occasionally I get the strange phone call from the burner that I pick up every so often. Needless to say, after those occasions, I toss the phone and move on afterwards.

I think that the only reason I’m alive still is because I’ve bought these books that tell me what I can eat and can’t eat in the wild, and it’s definitely given my ramen something more than just salt. Speaking of, I’m surprised that I’m not made of 90% salt as of now, since my diet consists of mostly noodles. Well, I guess that goes to show that I’m sturdier than I realize. The odd jobs that I’ve found have definitely helped with that.

Question Time! Since I’ve given the most of the update to my life then, I figure that I might as well give you the answers that you might want.

Question: How long were you captive for, and what did she do to you?

Answer: Frankly, I don’t know. The most I can say is probably a month or two. As for what she did, I’m not sure, but since I woke up with her lying beside me on a bed, she probably stole my virginity. We weren’t wearing clothes, but I wasn’t going to stay around to ask her if she did. That being said, I really hope that the worst case scenario if that actually happens, doesn’t happen. I don’t want to be forced to do anything I don’t want to do.

Question: Have you tried to stick your hand back into computer screens?

Answer: I have. I was hoping that if I was able to reach in, I would be able to pull myself in and save myself, but unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to do it. Screens are just screens.

It was kind of a short update, but all things considered, I don’t have much to talk about recently, as, to quote a movie I watched before this all happened, I’m just a leaf in the wind. If you want I can say, “Fixing a fence is hard work” or “painting a house is really messy”, but I feel like that doesn’t really do much for the situation. I type on here to get away from the whole mess, rather than try to relive it. Well, that being said, I am becoming a jack of all trades. I’m able to adapt to any situation that I happen to be thrown into, and given what I’m doing, I say that it’s making me survive.

Till next time.

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