Traveler – Chapter 2

Well, the next morning, I woke up and forgot about the lamp to be completely honest. I continued my packing, since it was the end of the semester, and I didn’t have to go to the college anymore because junior college and all. I never did understand why some people called it junior college, and others call it community college. To be honest, it almost feels like community colleges are put in a bad light or something. It’s quite odd when you think about it because they give the same info for a cheaper price. I, of course, learned this much later through experience rather than being told, but that’s a story for later.

I digress, I finished up with the cleaning everywhere but my desk, since I didn’t want to pack up my computer until the day that I moved out. I figured that it would keep me entertained for the time being. Well, when I turned to my desk, I remembered the lamp and all the strangeness that surrounded it, and so I opened up that file that listed my wishes just in case that lamp did actually have a genie. I gave that lamp a rub, and it didn’t do anything. I rubbed it for a good three minutes or so, and it didn’t do anything. A bit let down, I decided to open up the lid for it, and that’s when the genie popped out.

Now, when you think genie, you think something big and powerful looking, but this guy was about three inches high with a booming voice, even by my standards. I was actually quite surprised because he had a voice that was bigger than his tiny body would lead you to believe. Anyways, he said, you’ve found me, and you’ve got three wishes. No wishing for more wishes, and the other things got rambled on and on about. He also warned to make sure that my wishes were thought about for awhile so as to not cause problems later on. Of course, I immediately told him about my three, which took about an actual hour of talking.

Now, the wishes were (simplified to avoid rewriting out all of those pages)

One, an absolute defense that would block all incoming damage that would come to me, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc. where even age wouldn’t affect me. That being said, it also included that I would have a perfect body to walk around in.

Two, the ability to walk between alternate dimensions at will, on a whim, where I can go to anywhere and anytime I wanted to, along with the ability to go back to where I just left to, and I would be able to understand all languages spoken, written, and thought, and be able to write them as if I were writing English. Along with the ability to go with whatever I was wearing, and whatever I was holding onto.

Three, A weapon that would grow along with me, where any experience that it gains, would also be my gain, and vice versa, where it wouldn’t have a cap for the amount of experience that it can gain, and I can call it at will from wherever it happens to be, and it would appear in any way that I wished, along with the ability to turn it into any form that I wanted it to.

These three seemed like they had no downsides to them, and I would be able to explore wherever I wanted to and do whatever I wanted. These wishes were granted, after the genie expressed his surprise at the entire situation. We did talk for a bit between the wishes however, and he was actually a really nice guy that was pretty tired being drug around to all of these years and being greedily wished upon without even being talked to.

I, of course, felt sorry for the guy, and promised to bring him somewhere he would be freed after the second wish was made. I wasn’t going to do it because I was greedy, and, to be completely honest, I didn’t even think that I could just travel to a place with multiple genies and just get one of them to wish me my third wish until about ten days afterwards. That being said, the promise was made, the wishes were made, and I immediately destroyed the C drive on my computer before giving it to my roommates.

After that, I decided to do my first transfer. I decided to go to the world of my favorite book, and it was an excellent experience. I think I’ll tell you about the basics and the experiences I had, but no specifics, since copyright or something may pop up.

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