Don’t Pull Her Out – Chapter 4

I… I have some bad news, and some good news.

I was caught a few weeks ago. She finally managed to nab me when I was sleeping. Apparently my smell was all over the woods, and it led her right to me. Turns out that she was reading my posts right along with you guys…

Of course, I’m not going to stop posting, as that would literally break me after enough time of holding this all in, but even so, it’s still rough.

Anyways, she tied me up in a warehouse (I found that part out later) in the middle of nowhere. Of course, she had the place nice and neatly set up, with animals outside, which I can only assume that she got herself, and the place had quite the assortment of bookshelves and furniture. It also had a giant Cabbit plushie in one corner, which I noticed, as it was about 4 feet tall. But that aside, oddly enough, it felt like a home… just not MY home mind you. It felt kind of like visiting your relative that you really don’t like, except multiplied by 3.

I honestly don’t know if it was because I knew she was the one that owned it, or rather because it was just off-putting. Either way, I didn’t like it. The biggest problem with the entire thing though, would be how tightly my hands were tied. It was also with that itchy yellowish rope that has no business being anywhere near bare skin, which kept me from moving my hands too much because I don’t handle pain too well if I’m being honest.

Five minutes after sitting there, she finally came into the room and said in the bright cheery voice I remembered from several episodes,

“You’re finally awake! I’m so glad that you’re able to be here with me.”

This caused me to remember back to how everything began, and it just broke the dam that I built up around my heart and emotions all flooded back in an instant… it was terrible… I started crying because of my friends and parents, all while glaring at her with about as much rage as I could muster. Of course, I doubt that it looked very good, but, given the fact that I was tied in a chair, it’s understandable.

She must’ve noticed me crying, because she hugged me from the side and told me it would be okay.

At this point, I bit her chest.

That’s right, I was so enraged, I bit it.

Now, I wasn’t able to bite it off, but I know that she felt it because she shrieked in pain. Afterwards she poured water down my throat and it gets blurry after that. I can assume that she drugged me again by slipping it into said water. I faded in and out of consciousness, as occasionally I do get glimpses of everything that had happened. I think that I remember seeing at one point that she was feeding me my favorite foods, which, I don’t even know how she managed to find out. Another time, I came to when she was (I think) trying to hypnotize me. She was swinging a pendant in front of my eyes and muttering something, but I managed to break it off and focus on my breathing at that point. She figured it out a few seconds later though, as she tried to force me to drink more of that water, which I refused as much as I could. Of course, since that didn’t work, she just gave me the medicine through my other end…

It was uncomfortable, and made me feel soiled…

Later on, I came to as I was tied, by my hands, to the bedposts. She was lying on my stomach, and soundlessly breathing. I can only guess what she had been doing to me… well, at this point, I had noticed that the ropes weren’t tied as tightly as they usually were, and my plan was in motion.

I managed to untie the ropes, and carefully grab some of my clothes and some cash, and slip away. I probably ran for about two miles before I managed to find a car to hitchhike with, as the road was empty for the most part, and I didn’t see any vehicles around the place.

Since then, I buried the clothes and everything I took from her because, knowing her, she probably decided to put a tracker on everything. Besides that, I made sure that I’m writing these down elsewhere before posting them, and making sure to do it through an ISPN so as to add some security to myself so this doesn’t happen again. I’m just worried that there will be no next time…

Question time: Why haven’t you hopped the border yet? She would probably have a hard time finding you then.

Answer: I think that I would have a much harder time crossing any national border than she ever would. Not only that, but I feel like she’d probably be waiting for me if I even tried it once.

Question 2 (I feel this needs to be answered): why not just kill her?

Answer: That’s crossing a line I never want to cross. I had to deal with a friend committing suicide and blaming it on me, and it took me a good two years to get over that, and I guarantee that doing it to an actual person would cripple me for the rest of my life.

Honestly, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I don’t want this much more. I’m debating on where I can go, and nothing is helping. I’m constantly depressed nowadays, and the situation I’m in is probably the cause of it. I just hope that I’m going to be able to figure out a way to save myself.

Till next time I guess.

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