Traveler – chapter 1

Do you know what? It’s been a few millennium since I’ve been able to sit back and deliberate on everything that I’ve done so far. So, to start off, I’m immortal. There was a genie I found, I read three wishes that I wrote out awhile back. I worked through the wishes over a few years because I figured that I should be prepared in case something like that ever happened, and I had the chance presented to me on a silver platter. To put it simply, my three wishes were infinite defense, the ability to walk between dimensions and timelines, and a weapon that I can morph into anything and grows with the experience that it gains.

There’s a whole lot more to these wishes, and they could each fill an entire chapter of a book, but it is what it is. Firstly, I hope that you realize that I’m not a good person. I’ve massacred everything and everyone in several universes. I’ve served demons and humans, betrayed them too. I’ve slept with all manner of people, monsters, and things both sexually and literally. I have explored the deepest oceans and the vast reaches of space with nothing on but my boxers and my weapon. After many, many years, I finally calmed down and decided to write down a few of my experiences since one part of the whole “invincibility” shtick that I have is that I have a steel trap for a brain that can’t forget anything anymore, much to my joy and chagrin.

This is my story.

I guess like any good explanation I should start at the beginning, and move through the details until I reach now. So, I was a new grad in the Americas, as I had just gotten my associates degree at a community college so I wouldn’t be swamped with debt by the end of it all. Of course, the upside was how I was able to go and get the money for books from my grandpa, so I wasn’t too badly off all things considered. Of course he offered to either pay for tuition or books, and I figured that books were more expensive, and if I sold them, it’d be money in my pocket, so I stupidly decided on books, but oh well now, not too much skin off my back.

Well, after finally passing and getting my degree, a bunch of guys wanted to go do something stupid and get drunk, and I decided to tag along as the DD. I used to not drink, (I don’t drink now since there’s no point in it. It doesn’t affect me) due to being too young. I was 20 at the time, and it was pretty fun. It was a bunch of college kids being stupid out in the Mojave, and it was a pretty good time. Of course, there was a sandstorm that sprung up out of nowhere at about eleven at night, and we had to wait for about a half hour for it to finally pass over us. People were in one car or the other, and they were drunk as a middle class teenager in high school. In fact, I think I could have built a house out of the number of beer cans that were everywhere. Well, after the sandstorm finally blew away all of the cans, five lawn chairs that were left out, and probably two gallons of vomit, I climbed out to see what all was left. Of course, I didn’t find anything that we brought out, so I decided to take a small walk to let the smell of cheep beer air out of my car, as it smells awful.

About five minutes out, I found something weird.


I found a random staircase.


Out in the middle of the desert.


I sure as heavens didn’t know where it came from, or why it existed, so I decided to climb it to see what was at the top, since it went up for quite a ways.

When I was climbing it, I had this strange feeling that I shouldn’t do this, and it only got stronger as I was climbing, so I knew that I was going to see something interesting when I climbed this. It was hard to ignore the feelings, and as I was nearing the top, I felt like I was staring into the eyes of someone that was going to murder me with a blunt and rusty spoon in the most painful way possible. I honestly don’t know why I didn’t turn around, but I didn’t and kept climbing. I think the eeriest part of the entire thing, was when I reached the last few steps, the feeling suddenly cut off without warning. It was like a switch had been flipped, or something like that. But at the top, I found a weird house that seemed really run down, with old boards, and broken windows.

I decided that the feeling was obviously there to protect something good, and so I decided to break in and look around. Of course, when I say break in, I just turned the front door knob and opened the door, not some mission impossible stuff with cutting a hole in the roof and lowering myself down or anything of the like. But yeah, I walked into the house. The inside looked nothing like the outside, or what the  windows showed, as instead of a broken down house or anything of the like, it was just a white room with a pedestal in the center. On the pedestal was a lamp, like off of Aladdin, and so I did what any normal person would do. I went and grabbed the lamp.

Now, before you get any grand ideas, nothing happened. The room didn’t close, and trap me inside, or a boulder didn’t come rolling after me, or anything. I just took the lamp and that was the end of it. After that, I walked out of the house, and closed the door, before realizing that I was at the area where the stairs started, with neither the house, nor the stairs anywhere in sight. Of course, the lamp was still there, and so I knew that it wasn’t a dream. Afterwards, I just went back to my car, and drove the car load of people back to their dorms and dropped them off before going back to my own dorm and crashing for the night.

The good news is that I didn’t have a roommate, so the lamp was safe on my table.

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