Pig Rider – Chapter 6

a slightly longer chapter this time, and possibly all the ones afterwards. I’ve decided to highlight the points where the main protagonist is referred to with orange before his name is revealed next chapter. look forward to it.


decided to drop this, but if I do pick it back up, the above will happen. in the meantime, i’m going to be writing more on DLHO. Due to the drop, I will be naming the character Life if I do pick it back up. Just letting people know so that way the itch is scratched if this never does take off again.

– 5d100

Burnt Orange – MC

Olive – Big man

Plum – Guild Master

He was led into a somewhat large room with a table in the center and two chairs on either side of it. Along the walls were shelves, filled to the brim with different types of books, with trophies of different animals above them. the table and bookshelves were made of a red-tinted wood of some sort, and the chairs were cushioned.

Jus’ take a seat an’ the Guild Master will be in shortly.said the big man as he closed the door.

Unsure of what the Guild Master would be like, He sat down quickly. The chair was quite soft, and it made him sink down into the cushion. The problems began when he tried to adjust his seating, as when he tried to push his body up, he wouldn’t move an inch. He tried again, gripping onto the arms of the chair for leverage, but it wasn’t happening. Finally, in a last ditch effort, he decided to lean forward and see if that would help…

At last he was standing…

…The only downside is the fact that the chair was stuck on his rear, bending him at an odd angle, not to mention that the chair had an awkward center of balance, causing him to stumble as he tried to remain upright. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to hold on for too long, as he stumbled over too far and fell onto a bookshelf, landing on his side, and causing that bookshelf to fall on top of him, dumping all of the contents onto the chair, and the man currently residing in it with a large sound.

owww…he muttered pitifully, as the pain shot up and down his sides from the spots where the books landed. The bookshelf, thankfully, landed on top of the chair, and thus didn’t cause too much damage. It was at this point that the door opened and someone took two steps in before making a pause.

“Having a bit of trouble there sir?” a female voice said.

Yes…” he replies with a voice that is two parts pain, and one part like a caught child in the middle of taking a cookie from a jar when they weren’t supposed to.

There was a sigh, a few more steps, and a bit of unintelligible muttering. After a few seconds, the bookshelf was lifted back into it’s place. His chair was lifted back onto four legs, and she started to mumble a bit more, before he felt something change in the chair. He tried to stand, and much to his surprise, he was able to. He immediately stood up and started to grab at the books, but the female behind him barked out “Stop”, which caused him to freeze in place.

She continued,First, you come into town on a boar, with some rope that couldn’t even be cut by a mithril sword. Not only was this the case, but since the rope couldn’t be cut, we had to untie the entire thing, which was covered in the most ungodly knots that i’ve EVER seen, which, after two hours of trying to fix, we couldn’t. the only way we were able to separate the two of you was by cutting up the damned pig while you were still ON IT. This caused you to be completely covered in boar blood and…”

She paused at this point. She spoke coldly at first, but eventually grew to speaking in a rant, and started to breathe to calm herself down. At this point, he was finally able to get a good look at her. It was a woman with pointed ears, shoulder length blonde hair, a white blouse, and black pants. She was about two meters tall, and was quite petite with a lean muscular look to her, rather than looking like she was skin and bones. One of her hands was on the top of the bridge of her nose, massaging it to get rid of her stress. She took another deep breath and finally calmed herself.

Then” she continued, “after the whole fiasco was over, you sleep for two days straight, with it ending with you coming into my office and causing a mess. Just sit. We have a lot to discuss.”

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