Pig Rider – Chapter 5

Olive – the big man (basically, olive is anyone not important to the story)

Burnt orange – MC

Note, that a


A bucket of water was thrown over him after falling back to sleep while waiting for someone to appear, which caused him to awake with a jolt.

“Get some clothes on ya ninny” a gruff voice barked as a tunic, and then a pair of pants were thrown at his torso through the bars. “Ye been out for two days. I almost thought ye were dead.”

Shaking off the grogginess that came with the abrupt wake up call, he began to examine the clothes that were thrown. The tunic was a brown, earthy color, made of some rough material, and the same could be said of the pants.

“are yeh just gonna put them on, or are do yeh prefer just staring at them?” the big man asked with a smirk.

quickly scrambling to his feet, he quickly started to put on the pants, as the big man unlocked the door, and swung it open with an unnecessary flourish. 

“Thank you for the clothes” he managed to mutter out after clearing his throat.

“Don’t thank me yet sonny, you have a lot of explaining to do.” the large man says, almost boring holes through his skull with a piercing stare. “In the meantime, do yeh got a name?”

“I… don’t remember actually…” the man muttered to himself. 

“Ah… but do yeh remember the pig?” the large man asked, trying to dodge the topic, but only to burst out in a fit of laughter when he saw the other’s cramped grimace at the memory. “Well, I believe it’ll eventually come back to yeh after awhile.  in the meanwhile, c’mon. the captain has a to ask yeh a few questions.”

He only nodded and began to follow the large man down the corridor into the unknown

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