Pig Rider – Chapter 4

Burnt Orange – Main Character


Awaking with a splitting headache is never fun. Neither is waking up in a jail cell. Unfortunately, this is exactly what had happened.

“What the hell happened” he muttered as he massaged his temples. He took a moment before his headache started to die down, but unfortunately all that pain was replaced with was a gnawing hunger that seemed almost unbearable, with what seemed like loud cries from a dying sea mammal echoing from his torso. His eyes immediately scanned the room to find anything that he could eat, to which his eyes almost instinctively found a platter on the ground with bread atop of it. Almost seeming like an animal, he leaped at the loaf and started to devour it with fervor. For the five seconds that it lasted, it tasted like ambrosia, but in reality it was quite stale. 

His hunger satisfied, he leaned back against a cell wall, and sighed deeply. He began to look around at his surroundings properly now that he was at least able to think about something other than filling his belly. It was a small room, about  two to two and a half meters in length, with a bucket in one corner and a pile of hay in another, both of which were away from the black metal bars that lined the far wall. The walls were made of stone, and seemed to be well maintained, which was strange in his opinion. Catching himself on that thought, he wondered why he thought it was strange, as it could be a hint of his past, but unfortunately that thought lead to nowhere.

Shaking his head, he stood up and walked over to the bars to take a look on the other side. it seemed that it only lead to a hallway, but as he put a hand on the bars to lean in to look down the hallways, he felt a jolt of electricity go through his hand. Pulling back his hand, he began to shake it out with a quick inhale at the pain. He made a mental note to not try that again, and that there may be other things in the prison to keep the prisoners.. “docile”. 

“Hello?” he called out with a hoarse, but timid voice.

He was completely unsure of what might happen if he shouted too loudly. He waited for a bit, but there was no response, and so he began to sit on the hay and see if anyone would eventually come, though he hoped they would come soon…

…he was quite thirsty…

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