Pig Rider – Chapter 3

olive – Ted


In the meanwhile, Ted had been guarding this gate for about eight hours, and he was exhausted. Standing around in armor all day while under the sun’s heat will take all of your energy. He was staring off into space, wondering when the next shift would take over so he could go out and eat something and down some mead at Walberg’s, when he heard a strange sound. He readied his spear and narrowed his eyes, scanning the distance for what could be another monster attack on the town. What caught him off guard was not the squealing boar that came storming out of the woods as if it had been released from the deepest pits of Hell, but rather the naked man TIED to the boar, that apparently had a voice that wouldn’t lose to the boar. He was so shocked to see this, that he just stood there gawking at the sight…

…as it passed him into the town.

Snapping out of his shock, he realized that he just made a big mistake, and started to sprint after the boar while thinking, 

“I’m probably going to drink the tavern dry after this…”

He never intended to lead the boar into a town, but that just so happened to happen. All he knew is that unless this boar stopped soon, he was going to have more than just cuts and bruises to deal with. After moving down several streets, and causing hysteria in the villagers, the boar was now crashing through carts and stands to shake him off. The main problem wasn’t the villagers that were having to dive out of their way, nor was it the fact that his throat was sore from all the screaming that he was doing. The big problem is that the wood was breaking off the carts and was hitting him, giving him cuts and splinters in the worst possible places. Of course, this only made his screams increase their intensity, as he wasn’t just scared, he was also in quite a bit of pain from a splinter that just happened to enter his left butt cheek. The boar, which had been running nonstop suddenly slammed into something and came to an immediate halt. Unfortunately, this jolt was too much for the rider, and made the man black out. 

Thank you for reading so far, and if you could share this with others, I’d be much appreciative. Just remember to keep rolling the dice.


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