Pig Rider – Chapter 2

After about five minutes, he missed the stones & pebbles that were along that road, as the forest was hell on his feet. Sticks were everywhere he stepped, as they were hidden by leaves and he was tired of them poking his foot. He had yet to find anything like berries, and all of the small animals ran away as soon as he was seen or heard. Of course, he kept on looking for something to eat, as there had to be at LEAST something out there, but even the trees were seemingly empty of anything edible. He even tried to gnaw at the bark to stave off the hunger, but that was a terrible decision, and only caused discomfort in his mouth.

Sighing inwardly at that memory, he looks forward to find a small clearing. Relief instantly flooded over him, as he was glad to finally escape out of the woods. Climbing onto a tree root, he looked out over the small field and notices a small boar grazing in the grasses. With his stomach constantly gnawing at his sanity, he looks at the pig, and back at his rope, and had an idea to solve his problem with hunger, and the nakedness that plagued him.

Two minutes later, he is sneaking up on the boar with the rope in hand, and tied to his waist. He had the sneaking suspicion that this will be a horrible idea, but the hunger had to be solved, and he had nothing to lose. Crouching behind the pig, (which somehow still hadn’t noticed him), he made sure the rope was tied tightly around his waist, before making a loop with the rest of the rope. With a swift movement, he jumped onto the boar and slips the rope over its head. 

Now, he was expecting the pig to buck and run around…

…he just wasn’t expecting it to bolt into the woods. The boar was dashing through the trees, bucking and squealing all the while, and crashing into as many trees as possible, all the while a naked man was screaming and unable to fall off due to the rope somehow getting caught on his arm, and getting tangled with the rope tied to his body, making it nearly impossible to come off.


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